Window Blinds Maintenance Tips to Make Them Last Long


Window Blinds are the best products to purchase by investing your money.

Almost all new buyers of these blinds anticipate that they will last for a long period.

But regrettably, due to the owner’s negligence, it doesn’t happen.

It doesn’t matter how pricey or deserving they are when you spend money on these blinds.

You still want these window blinds to last on the windows of your house for at least five to ten years.

It is tolerable if cheap window blinds deteriorate after five to ten years of purchase.

On the other hand, if high-quality blinds do that, it is an outrageous waste of money and an unforgivable thing.

But the good news is here that you can make both kinds of blinds last as long as possible.

To do that, you must take good care of them, which will assist to extend their life for many years.

Steps To Maintain Window Blinds:

There are several ways by which an owner can take care of the blinds at home.

We never discuss all of them here at once but the most important ones can be considerable.

So, let’s take a look at those valuable maintenance steps that help your blinds last long.

The Proper Environment:

Providing a proper environment for window blinds is very important to increase their life span for years.

That is why the surrounding environment of your home has a direct impact on the life of these blinds.

If you choose the wrong blinds for the wrong environment then maybe they will not be with you for a long time.

The longevity of each type of blind varies, as do the conditions they must be in to last a long period.

Aluminium and Faux Wood Blinds:

Just like aluminium and faux wood blinds, both of these blinds hold themselves very well.

They are very tough and perfect choices according to every condition in the surroundings.

Moreover, if you have small children or pets in your home then you can opt for these blinds.

Furthermore, these blinds are also the best option to match with the households of your home.

But take note in your mind that every blind in the market is breakable.

So, if you think after installing these blinds you don’t have to take care of them.

Then it will be your biggest mistake ever as these blinds can be breakable in the case of a continuous beating.

Wooden Blinds:

Wooden blinds on the other hand are not useable in those areas.

Where the humidity or moisture level is higher than the normal range in the surroundings.

These blinds can warp their shape due to the high level of moisture and waste your money.

But the paint or vanishing on the surface of these blinds can save them for a short period.

Continuous contact with water or moisture for a long time can destroy them very easily.

Vertical Blinds:

Vertical Blinds on the contrary have a special appeal and unique designs.

These blinds are the same as the Venetian blinds but the difference is the slats of these blinds.

Venetian blinds contain horizontal slats, while vertical blinds have vertical slats.

You can install these blinds on the large windows and patio doors to get the maximum benefit from them.

As these blinds are manufactured using hard material and if you have small children in your home.

Then those little hands will tangle with these blinds several times a day.

You can opt for the fabric option instead of the hard material.

If you have a lot of family members in your home.

Get Knowledge To Clean The Blinds:

Only providing the proper environment for your blinds is not enough.

Although cleaning them after regular intervals is also a necessary part of the longevity of these window blinds.

As the dust and dirt stay on these blinds if you never clean them and it leads to the destruction of the blinds.

But make sure you are well aware of the cleaning methods of all blinds.

Using the wrong method to clean these blinds also increase the risk of damaging the blinds very badly.

For that purpose, you have to teach all of your family members the cleaning methods for these blinds.

Different blinds have different cleaning methods as the following:

Aluminium blinds are the easiest kind of blinds to clean.

You just have to follow the following procedure:

  • For casual cleaning of aluminium blinds just take a clean piece of cloth and clean the dirt.
  • If you want mild cleaning then you have to make a solution.
  • That solution contains alcohol, vinegar, water, and dish soap mix all of them in a tub
  • Take a piece of cloth or foam then clean each side of these blinds with this solution.
  • For heavy cleaning, you have to take off these blinds from the wall bracket and soak them in warm water.
  • After dipping them in the warm water take them out and make sure they are dry completely.
  • At last, hang them again on the wall bracket and enjoy the new look of these blinds.

You can use the same procedure for cleaning vertical blinds in your home.

Wooden Blinds are the hardest ones to clean among all because the chances of destroying the blinds are very high.

  • To clean these blinds you can use a piece of clean cloth or a duster.
  • For hard cleaning, you can use a vacuum with a brush attached to it.
  • But make sure you never use water to clean these blinds.
  • As, water can seriously damage these wooden blinds.


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