Do DIY Ants Treatments Work?

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Due to their tiny size, ants are one of the best sneakers that enter your home and hide in the corners. They can conceal in places that they could not even imagine. Nevertheless, no one wants to let an ant infestation persist in their house. Here are some specific solutions that individuals employ to eliminate their ant issues. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to get rid of ants, and if you still do not feel like they are going away, you must look for pest control Geelong services. 

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What are the best treatments to use on ants at home? 

According to experts, traps typically require two essential components. Something that draws the ants and something that either kills them or prevents them from escaping. Toxins, especially “quite simple ones” like boric acid (a substance harmful to many pests), can be a part of this. In light of this, you might be able to catch ants at home using these straightforward techniques:

Boric acid and sugar powder are combined.

A three to one boric acid to powdered sugar ratio could work. However, the sugar will draw the ants in, and the boric acid will kill them. Adult ants prefer to sip their meal, so dilute this substance a little. It is one of the best ways with the help of which you can get rid of ants, and it also does not cause any harm to the surroundings. 

Sugar powder and baking soda should be combined.

All you need to do is to combine some baking soda with a mixture of water and sugar. Then, your treatment to get rid of ants is ready. According to experts, it might not be as effective as boric acid, but it is a safer alternative if you are concerned about children’s safety or pets. If you want to get rid of ants easily, you must try this method out and enjoy making them run away from your home. 

Leave out a paste made of cornmeal.

Some types of ants could enjoy cornmeal paste. Contrary to what you may have heard online, cornmeal does not obstruct an ant’s digestive tract, according to professionals. To try to destroy the ants, pest control Geelong advises preparing a paste out of cornmeal and boric acid if you have some on hand.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is a powdery material that controls insect infestations by interfering with their physiological processes. Diatomaceous earth, especially the “food-grade” variety, clings to the exoskeletons of crawling insects and abrades them, leaving minute wounds. They become injured by this solution, which also makes it harder for them to eat or drink, ultimately resulting in their demise. Although diatomaceous earth may be used to repel ants effectively, its efficiency is only effective near where it is used. As it only affects insects it comes into contact with, it won’t fully destroy an ant colony but will eliminate a few rogue ants.

Spray some soapy water on the ants.

Spray it directly on ants or leave it out in a dish with a mixture of water, soap, and oil. Although the oil will draw the ants, the soap will kill them. 

Boric acid with borax

When used to kill ants, borax and boric acid function similarly to diatomaceous earth. Like diatomaceous earth, items containing borax or boric acid prevent ants from physically functioning and are most frequently used as cleaning agents. When ants consume a product containing one of these compounds, the substance harms their internal organs and obstructs their digestion, ultimately killing the ants. Many ant bait formulations also contain boric acid.

Ant food

Ant baits and traps come in a variety of designs. Some traps have enticing, sticky gels made of sugar, carbohydrates, or proteins that draw in ants before immobilising and killing them. Because they are affordable, simple to operate, and adaptable, these are some of the most popular kinds of ant traps that people buy. These include worktops, windowsills, tables, and mantels. Most people set them up close to the area where ants are a problem, but a bit out of the way, hoping that ants would mistake them for food and become trapped.

Bug sprays

You can kill ants with a variety of chemical sprays that are sold in home improvement stores. Some individuals even use spray bottles filled with mixtures of aromatic oils or white vinegar to get rid of ant trails. Unfortunately, such sprays may cause ants to die immediately after application. To keep ants from trying to utilise that path once more, you could even be able to spray access sites with these compounds.

The way you apply ant spray greatly affects its effectiveness. Spraying ants will make them less likely to follow that path to discover food sources in the future. Since ants communicate using pheromones, they frequently begin a new journey searching for food elsewhere. Let the pest control Geelong service providers handle the issues is always a good idea. You might end up irritating the ants, and they might bite you. 

The pest control Geelong services have the experience of giving the best solutions so that the ants will not enter your home. They know the right techniques with the help of which the ants can be kept away. Since they are designed for professional usage, consumers may not always have access to these sprays. To get at the root of the infestation and thoroughly eradicate it, pest control specialists use more successful procedures than most do-it-yourself remedies. It is preferable to consult the experts if you have a significant carpenter ant infestation and they are causing damage to your property.


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If you’ve tried the aforementioned DIY ant killers, been careful about cleaning up spills and crumbs, attempted these other professional ant removal strategies, and the ants are still a problem, the expert advises calling in a pest control Geelong service. Experts claim that preventing ants from entering houses is a continuous procedure rather than a one-time remedy. Every home is different. Therefore your provider will create a special program just for you.


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