10 Instagram content ideas for small businesses

Instagram content ideas

Instagram is a prominent social networking platform that is utilized by billions of advertisers across the globe to stand out in the competitive industry. What makes Instagram ideal is that it promotes video marketing. A majority of internet users worldwide prefer videos over textual content. Instagram content ideas –

If you’re considering utilizing Instagram to market your videos, now is the perfect time you start thinking about building a strategy for your content ideas. Understanding what sort of content you should post for attracting your viewers can be a task. Discover below 10 Instagram content ideas that small businesses can leverage optimally. 

1. Showcase Behind-the-scenes Videos 

One of the most classic Instagram ideas that can never go outdated is showcasing behind-the-scenes videos. A great way to showcase a much more unique and personal side of your brand is through behind-the-scenes videos. As the name suggests, behind-the-scenes videos are nothing but those videos that showcase your audience a glimpse into different elements of your brand, including the manufacturing process of a specific product, workflow, development of the product, and so on.

Film a concise yet effective video that gives your customers a sneak peek into how your brand operates. 

2. Utilize User-Generated Content 

Another excellent Instagram post idea is to repost user-generated video content of your product. There’s no better way of gaining a sense of trust among your potential customers than by showcasing their user-generated content.

Moreover, reposting the content that your customers post about your products can make them feel much more appreciated, thereby leading you to have a long-term client base. 

3. Showcase Product Videos 

The next and most beneficial Instagram post idea if you’re looking to generate leads and convert sales is to showcase product videos. Product videos work wondrously in helping your customers understand more about your products.

They are educational videos that help your viewers understand what problems the product addresses and how it can help you in your day-to-day life. An Instagram video editor can help you create aesthetically-pleasing product videos and include a lot of animations, stickers, filters, and other effects to give the post a smooth finish. 

4. Offer Some Inspiration 

You can always make your feed a little more interesting and think outside the box by posting something that’s completely irrelevant to your brand. For instance, inspirational quotes are a great Instagram idea that you can consider as you can make deeper connections with your customers.

Making your customers feel heard and seen and at the same time, ensuring that your content does its job to lure the attention of your audience is quite effortlessly possible with some motivational quotes. 

5. Make Discount Sales Posts 

Another Instagram idea to grab the attention of your viewers is to make posts on discount sales and coupons that your brand is offering. This is an excellent technique to generate a sense of curiosity among your consumers.

During festive seasons, make sure to create such posts to excite emotions among your audience. A brownie point if you make count-down stories for your offers. 

6. Post Relatable Memes 

Memes are quite an excellent way to keep your audience entertained and allow them to relate more to your brand. Memes aren’t just humor-filled pieces of content. They are utilized by many advertisers today in a very smart way to attract more traffic.

It is never a bad idea to showcase the fun and goofy side of your brand to your viewers. However, make sure that your memes are related to your brand in any way. 

7. Post on Trending Topics 

Lucky for you, there are never any limits when it comes to Instagram post ideas. Instagram seems to continually come up with new and fun-loving trends that content creators and advertisers love to experiment with. A great way to stay relevant and active on social media is to post video content on different trending topics.

However, don’t do this too often as it will defeat your purpose of advertising based on your niche. A bonus tip is to make use of trending reel music in your Instagram posts to generate traffic. 

8. Challenges 

Keep your audience engaged with some fun-loving activities and challenges. Your audience love to feel appreciated and thus, creating posts solely based on boosting customer engagement is an excellent way to keep your followers close. You can come up with a myriad of ideas for your challenges.

Note that this is an exceptional Instagram post idea to get to know your audience and engage better with them. 

9. Post FAQs 

There’s no better way of addressing the concerns and queries of your customers than by posting FAQs. FAQs moreover help your customers get clarity on your products and services.

Again, this is an efficient way to boost customer engagement and also acknowledge the concerns and worries of your customers. Make your customers feel valued by creating posts solely based on resolving their queries. 

10. Guides 

Last but not least, you can create a helpful post in the form of a guide. For instance, you can create a user guide for your products and services. This is quite helpful when you want to ensure that your customers get thorough insights into your products and services.

A tips and tricks guide or simply a product usage guide is a great Instagram post idea that you can Utilize in your Instagram marketing strategy. 

Bottom Line 

There are a number of Instagram post ideas that you can leverage for boosting customer engagement and further promoting your products and services. These were some of the most trending and effective Instagram post ideas that may favor you and a majority of active users on the internet searching for products similar to yours. 

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