Who Is Brian Nickels From The Series Bridgerton? The Story Behind The Show’s Sad Tribute

Brian Nickels Bridgerton

What do you know about Brian Nickels Bridgerton and the complete details? Bridgerton ended on what appeared to be a cheerful note after eight episodes of stressful, dramatic, and emotional situations. There was a baby, Lady Whistledown’s identity was revealed, and Colin set off to travel the world. Additionally, a tribute to Brian Nickels was present in the final episode. “In Loving Memory of Brian Nickels” appeared on the screen before the credits as the film’s final scene closed.

But who exactly was the man to whom the Netflix series was devoted? Before his passing in January 2020, Brian Nickels was a stunt performer who had spent more than 20 years working in the film and television industry. Let’s know more about Brian Nickels Bridgerton!

Who was Brian Nickels?

Over 20 years, stunt performer Brian has appeared in numerous movies and TV series. Tragically, he passed away in January 2020. He was born in 1965 and competed professionally until he was 25.

After that, Brian moved into the stunt business, performing in blockbuster movies like Jurassic World, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Killing Eve, and many others. His wife Simone, their two daughters Sienna and Rocco, and he passed away abruptly on January 15, 2018, from a heart attack. On Bridgerton, Brian is listed as a stunt performer, and images posted to social media show him at work in boxing scenes.

Soon after Brian’s passing, Martins Imhangbe, who played the Duke’s companion Will, posted an homage to him. “Brian, incredibly grateful that our paths crossed and for the dynamic and positive impact you’ve had in my life for the past months,” the man wrote. “You’ve always had my back and filled me with confidence on and off, set with your infectious enthusiasm and passion for what you do. You’ve been an incredible coach and friend.”

“I’m finding it difficult to understand that you’re not among us anymore. And my thoughts are with the family. Rest in love and peace, you are a legend and a gentleman who will never be forgotten.”

Brian’s wife Simone stated to Yahoo News UK upon his passing: “He was among the men who worked the hardest ever. Ever.” He only wanted to do it. He didn’t consider any day to be routine.

“But he was also incredibly giving. He never kept or saved money. Simply put, he would assist others in whatever way he could.”

Full Name Brian Sonny Nickels
Date of Birth 17 August 1965
Birthplace Kilburn, England
Marital Status Married
Wife’s name Simone Nickels
Number of Kids 2
Kids Sienna and Rocco

Who is Brian Nickels, for whom the Bridgerton series finale was?

Brian Nickels, born on August 17, 1965, began his career as a professional boxer until quitting at 25. After that, he started doing stunts for numerous films and TV shows, such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Killing Eve, Jurassic World, and countless others. On January 15 last year, Brian suffered an untimely heart arrest and passed away. His wife Simone and their two children, Sienna and Rocco, are still living. A GoFundMe was present in his honor after he passed away to help his wife and kids; by the time the fundraising finished, it had raised slightly over £35,000.

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Brian Nickels’ List of TV Shows and Movies

Now you know the man behind the show and who is brian Nichols from Bridgerton. Brian Nickles contributed his 25 years to the entertainment industry working as a stuntman and an actor. Through his lifelong journey in the film industry, he has worked in various TV shows and movies. The list of TV shows and movies in which Brian Nickels has worked are as follows:

Brian Nickels’ Movies and TV Shows as a Stuntman

Movie/TV Shows Year
Merlin 1998
Cold Mountain 2003
Guardians of the Galaxy 2014
Sherlock Holmes 2009
Specter 2015
The Legend of Tarzan 2016
Ben-Hur 2016
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016
Kingsman: The Golden Circle 2017
Deep State 2018
The Foreigner 2017
The Last Christmas 2019
Dolittle 2020
F9: The Fast Saga 2021
Hitman’s wife’s Bodyguard 2021


Brian Nickels’ Movies and TV Shows as an Actor

Movie/TV Shows Year
The Krays as Frank 1990
London’s Burning as Bian- 1st Episode 1997
Capone’s Boys as Bruno 2002
The Golden compass as Gobbler 2007
Fifth street as Keane 2008
Breakdown as Moses 2016
Taboo as Luis- 2nd episode 2017
Whiskey cavalier as Bruiser 2019
Unlucky number 7 as Chris; Dad 2020

What function did Brian Nickels play at Bridgerton?

Brian is listed as the stunt coordinator for Bridgerton, and online images of him at work on the boxing scenes have surfaced. Martins Imhangbe, who portrayed Will as the Duke’s buddy, paid tribute to Brian soon after his passing and thanked him for having such a great impact on his life.

“Brian, incredibly grateful that our paths crossed and for the dynamic and positive impact you’ve had in my life for the past months,” the man wrote. “You’ve always had my back and filled me with uber confidence on and off, set with your infectious enthusiasm and passion for what you do. You’ve been an incredible coach and friend.”

“I’m finding it difficult to understand that you’re not among us anymore. And my thoughts are with the family. Rest in love and peace; you are a legend and a gentleman who will always be in our hearts.

Stunt performer Sofian Francis, who worked on Bridgerton, also paid tribute to Brian and called him “the biggest character in the room.”

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Who is the Bridgerton character Brian Nichols?

On the Bridgerton set, Brain Nickels was in charge of organizing the stunts. He just received several tributes from the Bridgerton cast and crew. The stuntman passed away unexpectedly in January 2020 at his London, England, home after experiencing a heart arrest. After season one’s finale, the statement was for stunt coordinator Brian Nickels, who passed away in January 2020 after suffering a cardiac arrest.

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Why is Brian Nichols honored in Bridgerton?

The stunt coordinator Brian Nickels Bridgerton, who passed away in January 2020 after suffering a heart arrest, is remembered with this message. The show opted to dedicate the program’s first season to Nickels, a beloved member of the cast and staff, in remembrance of him.

What does Violet Bridgerton ultimately choose?

She was expecting their eighth child, Hyacinth, when Lord Bridgerton passed away, ending their marriage. She still felt the region where his head lay on the pillow every morning. It was despite waking up more than ten years after his passing.

Lord Featherington Died, But why?

But after smelling a rat, the bookmakers attacked the Lord in a brothel. They also made him consume an excessive amount of laudanum. He passed away, leaving his wife and daughters without any money and no dowries.

The Final Episode of The Bridgerton Drama on Netflix is for Brian Nickels:

Moreover, all eight of the first season’s episodes of Brian Nickels Bridgerton, which debuted on Netflix on Christmas Day, are currently streaming online. The Shondaland-produced Regency-era drama has been tremendous fame among fans; many of them have already binged all eight episodes.


Brian Nickel, now recognized as Brian Nickels Bridgerton because at his last time he was doing this series titled Bridgerton, was a really good human being and an amazing stuntman and actor. His incredible work has influenced lots of people and changed many lives. This can be a reason that after Brian Nickels’s demise, so many people gave him so many loving tributes, among which was the beautiful tribute by Bridgerton showrunners. After the demise of Brian, a GoFundMe in his name was set up to support his wife and his two children. It raised over £35000 and then fundraisers closed it. And this shows how special Brian was to the series and how caring the series maker of Bridgerton is. brian will be loved and remembered by many for his amazing contribution to the entertainment industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What was Brian Nickels cause of death?

Ans. It was really heartbreaking to hear about Brian sudden demise due to a cardiac arrest on 15 January 2020. He is survived by his wife, Simone Nickels and two children Sienna and Rocco.

Q.2 To whom Bridgerton season one is dedicated?

Ans. Season one of Bridgerton on Netflix is dedicated to Brian Nickels for his remarkable work in the series. Through this tribute, Brian will always be remembered. On Netflix, you can watch all the eight episodes of the series which are available on it from Christmas day.

Q.3 What was the role of Brian Nickels in Bridgerton?

Ans. Brian Nickels was a stunt coordinator on the series Bridgerton. He is a well known stuntman and actor who has been credited for many TV shows and movies. He was a popular figure in the series. after his demise, many of the Bridgerton team members paid tribute to him.

Q.4 Where was Brian Nickels born?

Ans. Brian Nickels was born on 17 August 1965 in Kilburn, England who grew up as a stuntman and devoted his life to the entertainment industry. He worked for 25 years as a stuntman and an actor  in many famous TV shows and movies.

Q.5 Has he done other TV shows other than Bridgerton?

Ans. Yes, Brian Nickels Bridgerton has done several TV shows and movies other than Bridgerton. He gave his beautiful 25 years to the entertainment industry and also did amazing well-known movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Sherlock Holmes, and more.


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