Amaury Guichon Wife

Amaury Guichon Wife

Who is Amaury Guichon wife, and what do you know about her? Fiona Guichon, formerly Fiona Bergson, is married to Amaury Guichon. Amaury Guichon, a Swiss-French pastry chef, born on March 15, 1991, is renowned for his chocolate sculptures and pastry designs. Guichon was hired to operate the Lenôtre store and school in Cannes after completing his training. At Hugo & Victor, a patisserie and chocolate business, he later relocated to work as an executive pastry chef.

In 2013, Guichon participated in the reality cookery competition “Who will be the next top pastry chef?” on France 2. Guichon came in third place overall. After getting an invitation from Jean-Philippe Maury, he relocated to the United States in 2014.

Guichon finally co-founded the Pastry Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2019 with Belgian chef Michel Ernots after working as a private consultant and teaching masterclasses. Guichon started sharing photos of his confections and chocolate creations on social media in 2016. On TikTok, he now has over 9 million followers; on Instagram, he has over 8 million.

Guichon’s first cookbook for desserts, The Art of Flavor, was released on December 13, 2018. In August 2021, it got revealed that Guichon would present School of Chocolate on Netflix, a competition in which participants create chocolate sculptures while being guided and judged by Guichon. On November 26, 2021, the platform debuted the 8-episode reality series internationally.

Who is Fiona Guichon?

Amaury Guichon wife, who is currently 27 years old, was born on April 1, 1995. Her parents, who have not revealed their names or identities, gave birth to her and raised her in Canada. She shares her famous husband’s passion for baking and serves as the head of international operations for Amaury Guichon’s Las Vegas Pastry Academy, making her his boss. She oversees him as well.

“Combination of disappointments, overcoming issues, and hours of studying pros, and still I am nowhere close as I would like to,” she remarked in an interview. “But who knows… maybe one day,” Fiona revealed that for four years, she was forced to multitask, stop putting things off, and give up her social life. Every choice I have to make involves 25% instinct, she continued. So don’t discount your gut feeling. Surround yourself with individuals who share your belief in yourself and your abilities.

She routinely takes pictures of Amaury making chocolate and frequently travels together, most recently visiting a zoo in Thailand. They have already decided to go back the following summer. She goes on trips with her spouse when he needs to film somewhere else since, like her husband, she enjoys traveling. With more than 60,000 followers on Instagram, Amaury Guichon wife is also fairly famous.

At age 21, Fiona began her tattoo shop in Montreal, Canada. She has been tattooing people since she was a teenager. Amaury doesn’t have any tattoos, while Bergson has a lot. However, he has inked a few of the couple’s friends. Street photography was how Fiona got her start in independent photography. Fiona divulges her best-kept photographic secret via Instagram stories.

Fiona continues to place a high premium on her career. “It’s going to sound like a statement, but for others who think alike and like me are more career-oriented I want them to know that they are not alone,” she wrote on Instagram about her lack of immediate plans to have children.

How did they first meet? The progression of their relationship!

Fiona Bergson uses her Instagram stories to provide details about her relationship with Amaury. She disclosed that the two started texting one other after a few months. When they first met, they bonded quickly and later began dating. In Fiona’s words, “love at first sight.” To reduce the possibility of the coronavirus spreading, the couple staged a “Covid wedding” in December 2020. According to Fiona’s Instagram post, the pair wants to hold a larger ceremony:

We had a “Covid wedding” the year before around Christmas, but this year we’ll celebrate with all of our closest friends once; hopefully, things are back to normal in Canada.” Amaury Guichon and Fiona Bergson tied the knot in the winter of 2020 at the height of the unrelenting COVID-19 pandemic. Still, they want a grander ceremony once restrictions are not there.

How did they first meet? The progression of their relationship!

Amaury travels to numerous different countries thanks to his international career. Since he frequently travels with Fiona, their relationship is perfect despite his travels. Since the schools who host Amaury for their international masterclasses always go above and beyond for him/us, Amaury Guichon wife stated that she appreciates the visits because the hosts make an effort to give the couple unforgettable experiences. Fiona and Amaury live in Montreal or Las Vegas when they aren’t on the road. The married couple has no immediate plans to have children because her career is currently her priority.

Past Relations of Amaury Guicho

Although a few sources speculate that Guicho has had one prior relationship, the material is scant, and we cannot identify who the person is at this time. We also do not have enough information to corroborate who he has had relationships with in the past if he has had any at all.

Few More Things To Know!

Amaury had her brought up in the French department of Haute-Savoie, which borders the territory of Switzerland that speaks French. He demonstrated his creativity and manual talent from a young age. He showed little interest in the traditional school curriculum, leaving him at 14 to attend a technical school.

“The Art of Flavor” is the title of Amaury’s book. He makes desserts that will leave you dumbfounded, and in his debut book, he explores his concepts and aesthetic development. Amaury guides the reader through making his 12 signature dishes using step-by-step roughly 60 recipes and numerous techniques.

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Amaury organized several Masterclasses, and to date, he has given lectures in several countries, including Mexico, the Ukraine, Sardinia, Paris, Bangkok, Malaysia, Las Vegas, Chicago, Singapore, Italy, Greece, Beijing, Melbourne, Charlotte, Indonesia, Bucharest, London, and Barcelona. It was all about Amaury Guichon wife and their life!


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