What are the Different Types of Electronic Pressure Regulators?


Low pressure electronic regulator devices are the ones which are commonly used to lower down the pressure inside a high pressurized pneumatic system. Now when you hear the name electric pressure regulator, the first thing that would come to your mind is gas pressure regulation. But the fact is, pressure regulator tools are not only used for managing the pressure of gas but also many other fluids. Here in this post we are going to discuss about some of the most common types of low pressure electronic regulator that are being used for multiple purposes.

Multiple pressure regulator types for multiple applications 

Out of many, here in this section we have discussed the most popular low pressure electronic regulator devices:

Electronic gas pressure regulator 

The most common type of digital pressure regulator that you can see in the market is the electronic gas pressure regulator. This pressure regulator as the name tells us is used for controlling high pressure gas. You must know that these regulators are being used in different industries as well as residential areas. You can see the use of electronic pressure valve for gas being used in gas cylinders, furnaces, stoves and in other small applications.

Electronic fuel pressure regulator

The electronic regulator which is used for pressure regulation of fuel is known as fuel pressure regulator. You must know that in fuel pumps and in other industries the electronic regulators are used to manage the pressure as well as the flow of fuel in the vent valves. Know that the pressure of fuel is very much high because of its high temperature which is why it is important to use low pressure electronic regulator. 

Electronic evaporator pressure regulator 

The modern digital pressure regulators are also being used today for the purpose of managing pressure of steam. The electronic evaporator pressure regulator is used in large industries like dyeing. These specific pressure regulators cannot only bring down high pressure of steam but they can also control the temperature inside the valve. The pressure of steam depends on its temperature which is why it is important that you use the low pressure electronic regulator instead of relying on the mechanical ones.

Electronic pressure regulator for water

You must know that water pressure regulators are also one of the most common types of the pressure regulation equipment that you can find today. The main purpose of these regulators is to main pressure and flow of water. Usually these kinds of regulators are used in large applications like dams and reservoirs. You can also see the use of water control pressure regulator in home motors which are used to dunk water from the ground.

End words

There are many more types of low pressure electronic regulator. The reason as for why the digital regulators can be seen in different industries at such large scales is that they are friendly in their working and provide more control over the operation. The design and structure of the electronic regulators is also quite strong which results in a better service life and zero leakage risks.


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