User Guide To Remove The Stiffness of Leather Products


Like your children, leather products constantly need a lot of attention and care.

If you don’t care for them properly then these products dry out and become stiff.

This is very bad news for all leather lovers because leather products loss their shape and become very uncomfortable.

That stiffness irritates whenever you wear these products.

In this case all leather products like leather jackets for men and women, leather pants and leather trousers and many more.

If you ever feel that your product is started stiffing and you feel some kind of irritation.

You must need to contact the seller of these leather products or any leather expert around you.

If you didn’t find anyone then don’t worry because here is the guide for you.

In which we will discuss the stiffness of the leather products and how to remove them.

Steps To Remove Stiffness:

Leather is one of the softest kinds of apparel on the market and this makes it the most versatile also.

As the leather is obtained from the hides of different animals like cows, sheep, and goats.

With different processes, these hides convert into leather.

Then leather becomes the most supple and smooth kind of wearable.

Leather has natural grains on the top of its surface which makes it softer and enhances the experience of the wearer.

But this graining is not common for all types of leather and this causes them stiffness.

But the stiffness in the leather products doesn’t happen in one night it takes several months.

Additionally, it might take a year or longer to develop stiffness and you might never be able to wear it again.

Following are some steps that might be helpful for you in preventing the stiffness of your leather product.

So. Let’s take a look at those steps and get proper benefits to save our leather product from stiffness.

Store In Humid Control Area:

Storing your leather products in a humid area is the key to preventing your leather product from stiffness.

The optimum humidity level for storing leather products is 40 to 50%.

With that humid area, your product will be moist enough to prevent it from stiffness.

Make sure that moisture is not more than enough because extra moisture also destroys the leather product.

If you don’t know how to check the humidity of the room then you have to buy a monitoring device.

This device will help you in monitoring the humidity of the storing area and its surroundings.

This device is not so worthy it cost some pounds.

But those few pounds are very good to save your money on buying a new product.

If you see the stiffness in your leather garments then you must have to check the humidity of the surrounding.

This is the main reason for the stiffness of the leather garment.

If you assume the humidity is below 40% then it is very bad for the product

If the humidity is greater than 50% then it is also bad for the product.

Then you have to rise the humidity level in case of low humidity and vice versa in other conditions.

For that purpose, you can use a leather conditioner to prevent your garment from stiffness.

Condition The Leather:

With storing leather products in a humid control area you have to make sure you condition them properly on time.

By providing necessary moisture, this process aids in the product’s softness during storage.

Leather conditioners are designed in such a way that they help the leather garment to dry out.

To apply the conditioner to leather make sure you clean it well

After that take a gentle amount of conditioner and apply it to the surface of the leather.

Then gently rub the surface until the conditioner is gone and absorbs properly in the jacket.

The conditioner will settle down in the small pores of the jacket surface and provide essential moisture.


Mostly the leather experts preferred to use water to prevent the garment from stiffness

The process is very simple to fill up a spray bottle with water or you can use a dam cloth if you don’t have a bottle.

Pour a gentle amount of water on the surface of the jacket but make sure not too much.

As the excess amount of water also damages the jacket or maybe destroys it.

After pouring the water on it take another clean piece of cloth to clean the extra water.

After that leave the jacket to dry naturally and then apply some amount of conditioner on its surface.

This will provide more essential conditioning to the garment and make it softer for a long time.

Olive Oil:

In case you never find any kind of leather conditioner form anywhere near you.

It is recommended to use a little amount of olive oil on the surface of the jacket.

You can use a spray bottle to spray the oil overall on the leather product.

Gently rub the olive oil on the surface until it disappears from the surface.

Some reports show that many people suggest using coconut olive or avocado oil instead of olive oil.

But if you are going to use it on real leather products like leather jackets, leather trousers or pants.

Then it is good to stick with the leather conditioner.

In case you don’t have any conditioner then you can choose only extra virgin olive oil to provide moisture to the product.

As these two are the safest way to prevent your leather products from stiffness and use them for a long time.


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