Is Gravity Falls on Netflix for Streaming

Is Gravity Falls on Netflix

Gravity Falls is an American animated television series created by Alex Hirsch, which is not on Netflix right now. The show follows 12-year-old twins Dipper and Mabel Pines, who are sent to the fictional town of Gravity Falls, Oregon, to spend their summer vacation with their Great Uncle Stan.

Dipper and Mabel discover the town’s mysteries and paranormal forces during their stay. With its unique animation style, quirky characters, and supernatural elements, Gravity Falls became hugely popular during its Disney Channel and Disney XD run from 2012 to 2016.

Is Gravity Falls on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Gravity Falls is not currently available to stream on Netflix in the United States as of 2024. Netflix previously had the rights to stream the show, but those expired in 2020. So, if you search for the show on Netflix, you won’t find it in their catalog anymore.

Is Gravity Falls on Netflix

The series was also never available on Netflix in other major regions like Canada, the UK, and Australia. So, Gravity Falls is not on Netflix anywhere.

Where Can I Stream Gravity Falls Online?

While Gravity Falls is not on Netflix, you can still stream the series online legally. Here are the primary platforms where you can watch full episodes and seasons of Gravity Falls:


As a Disney Channel original series, Gravity Falls is now on Disney+ streaming service. Disney+ acquired the exclusive rights to stream the show after the Netflix rights expired.

All 40 episodes across 2 seasons are available on-demand with a Disney+ subscription.

To start watching instantly:

  • Sign up for a Disney+ account via the Disney+ website or mobile app. New subscribers can access a 7-day free trial.
  • Once registered, log into your Disney+ account on a supported device like a smart TV, streaming stick/box, game console, or mobile app.
  • Using the search bar, look up “Gravity Falls,” and the series page will appear in the results.
  • All 20 episodes from Season 1 and 20 from Season 2 will be listed and available to stream on-demand.
  • Select the episode you want to watch, and it will immediately start streaming up to HD quality based on your connection speed.


For those without access to Disney+, Hulu provides another alternative for streaming Gravity Falls in the U.S. Hulu has an expansive content deal with Disney that brings many Disney Channel shows onto the platform. The complete Gravity Falls series is available for subscribers to watch on Hulu.

To start watching on Hulu:

  • Go to the Hulu website and select Get Hulu to choose from their subscription plans. Hulu’s basic ad-supported plan will provide access.
  • Sign up for an account or log into your existing Hulu account on a supported device.
  • Use the Hulu search function to find “Gravity Falls” and select the series page from the results.
  • You will see the 40 total episodes listed and available to stream on-demand with your subscription.
  • Pick the Gravity Falls episode you want to watch, and it will immediately start streaming.
  • Hulu allows you to stream on many devices and download shows to watch offline.


FuboTV is a live TV streaming service that offers access to popular channels like Disney Channel, the home of Gravity Falls. Here are the steps to watch Gravity Falls on fuboTV:

  1. Go to com and select a subscription plan. Options range from the Family plan with over 120 channels for $69.99/month to more limited plans. You’ll need a plan with Disney Channel to access Gravity Falls.
  2. Download the fuboTV app on your streaming device like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, or Smart TV. You can also watch via a web browser on a computer.
  3. Open the FuboTV app and log in with your fuboTV account credentials.
  4. Use the channel guide within the FuboTV app to select Disney Channel, the network home of Gravity Falls.
  5. You can browse available episodes of Gravity Falls in the Disney Channel on-demand library on fuboTV.

iTunes and Google Play

You can also purchase full seasons or single episodes of Gravity Falls from digital retailers. The entire series is available for download on both iTunes and Google Play. Purchasing the episodes allows you to own digital copies to watch anytime permanently.

On iTunes:

  • Open the iTunes store on your desktop or mobile device.
  • Search for “Gravity Falls,” and the show page will appear.
  • You can buy the entire Season 1 or Season 2 in SD/HD for $19.99/$24.99 each.
  • Or you can purchase individual episodes in SD/HD starting from $2.99/$3.99 each.
  • Renting single episodes is also available starting at $1.99 each in SD quality.
  • Your purchased episodes will appear in your iTunes library to stream on devices.

On Google Play:

  • Go to the Google Play store on your mobile device or at
  • Search for “Gravity Falls” and select the series.
  • You can buy each season in SD for $19.99 or HD for $24.99.
  • You can also purchase individual episodes for $1.99 (SD) or $2.99 (HD).
  • Rentals of single episodes start at $1.99 each in SD quality.
  • Your purchased content will be available to stream in your Google Play library.


Physical media releases of Gravity Falls are also available for purchase. You can buy DVD and Blu-ray box sets of the show’s seasons and specials. Owning the DVDs allows you to watch bonus features and extras not included in the streaming versions.

When Will Gravity Falls Be on Netflix Again?

Since the streaming license expired in 2020, there is no indication Netflix will regain the rights to Gravity Falls shortly. Disney seems intent on keeping the series exclusively available on its platforms.

Is Gravity Falls on Netflix

Gravity Falls will unlikely return to being offered on Netflix anytime soon. Disney+ is now the long-term streaming home for the show, where it is available globally. Fans hoping to stream Gravity Falls must look towards the Disney streaming service.

Accessing Gravity Falls from Different Regions

The availability of Gravity Falls on streaming platforms varies across different countries:

  • The show is on Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video in the UK and Ireland.
  • Viewers in Australia and New Zealand can stream the entire series only via Disney+.
  • In Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Gravity Falls is on Disney+ Hotstar.
  • Fans in Latin American countries can find the show on Disney+ and Hulu.

Using a VPN can help you access Gravity Falls if it is geo-blocked where you live. Connecting through servers in the USA lets you unlock the US libraries of Disney+ or Hulu to stream the show. Just make sure any VPN service you use provides fast and stable connections for streaming.

FAQs on Is Gravity Falls on Netflix

Is Gravity Falls on Disney+ free?

No, you need a paid Disney+ subscription to access Gravity Falls. There is no way to watch the series for free on Disney+. You can sign up for a 7-day free Disney+ trial but must pay for a monthly or annual plan to continue streaming after the trial period ends.

What is the cheapest way to watch Gravity Falls?

The most affordable option is getting a basic ad-supported Hulu plan, which starts at $7.99/month. That provides complete access to stream the entire Gravity Falls series. Disney+ is also reasonably priced at $7.99/month.

Can I download Gravity Falls episodes for offline viewing?

Disney+ and Hulu allow you to download Gravity Falls episodes onto mobile devices to watch offline later without an internet connection. Downloads provide a way to watch anytime when you don’t have service.

Is Gravity Falls on Netflix in other countries?

No, Gravity Falls is not currently included in any regional Netflix libraries. The streaming rights are exclusively owned by Disney globally. The only way to stream in all countries is on the local Disney+ service.

Bottom Line

Gravity Falls is not available on Netflix, but the movie can still be readily streamed on Disney+, Hulu, and other digital platforms for fans to enjoy. Disney+ now serves as the hub for watching the show, offering full episodes in up to HD quality on-demand.

Hulu and buying episodes individually also remain options where Disney+ is not accessible. Any true fan of Gravity Falls has plenty of ways to revisit the town of mysteries without needing Netflix access.


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