Do Outdoor LED Lights Use a Lot of Electricity? & Other Top Outdoor Lighting FAQs

Outdoor LED Lights

Outdoor lighting significantly improves the security of homes and workplaces by decreasing the likelihood of accidents and criminal activity. At the same time, with the correct outdoor lighting fixtures installed, you can create a warm and welcoming aesthetic feel to your outdoor area. You can transform a dull and dingy backyard into a cheerful and lovely entertaining venue.

Due to their widespread use and low price, LED lighting is increasingly preferred by homes and business owners for outdoor lighting. Additionally, compared to conventional lighting fixtures, LED outdoor lighting is brighter and safer. However, the widespread use of LED lighting fixtures has also given rise to false rumours. Popular misconceptions include that LED lighting can’t be used outdoors and that they use a lot of electricity. But don’t worry, this post will turn you into an LED and outdoor lighting expert, able to separate fact from fiction.

Are LEDs Better for Outdoor Lighting?

Starting with the basics, these light-emitting diodes are 90% more energy-efficient than traditional light bulbs. This is because of how they work, with electricity passing through a microprocessor, which turns on the lightbulb with diodes inside. They also have a heat sink to prevent overheating and other performance issues.

Moreover, because of their compact size, LEDs enable businesses and homes alike to enjoy a range of different and unique designs that aren’t always possible with traditional or conventional outdoor lighting options. 

They’re Highly Durable

LED lighting is, in fact, renowned for its durability. Even tiny LED bulbs are incredibly resilient and can endure a lot. For instance, these lights are impact-resistant because they don’t have any delicate glass or filament components. They are also completely resistant to sudden vibrations. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned that bumping into your light or dropping it as you install it will break the bulb. Furthermore, because they’re so durable, you’re looking at far lower maintenance costs, as you won’t need to be replacing broken or damaged bulbs.

In addition, outdoor LED lighting is made to be completely resistant to rain and hail. So, you can leave your LED outdoor lighting set up all year round, without having to worry about bringing it in because of a sudden storm.

They Provide More Light

Did you know that the average LED produces around 75–110 lumens per watt? Surprised? But it’s true! Even the smallest LED bulbs can easily fulfil all your lighting needs for your outdoor space. This remarkable lumens to watt ratio mean that you can really light up your yard — with LED options easily reaching 140 lumens per watt — for some serious security and night-time visibility. Although it is undoubtedly a stretch to say that enough LEDs can rival the sun’s light, their brilliance is unquestionably greater than any conventional light.

They Have an Extended Lifespan

Another important thing about LEDs is just how long they last. An LED has a 25,000-hour average lifespan, which makes it incredibly sustainable. If you’re planning to leave your outdoor lights on all night for security and safety, or even just for an epic party, you want something that can go the distance. 

At the same time, there’s nothing worse than creating a beautiful light display and realising that one of the bulbs has died and is spoiling the aesthetic. But this won’t be an issue if you choose to use LEDs. 

They’re Really Energy Efficient

Remember how we said some people think that outdoor LED lights use a lot of electricity? The truth of the matter is that they only consume 30% of the energy needed to power other lights. As a result, you will notice a significant improvement in your energy bills if you swap your existing outdoor lighting for LEDs. For every workplace and home, they really are an excellent long-term investment, giving you countless benefits with hardly a drawback.

Moreover, some outdoor LED lights can also be dimmed, which means that they use even less energy at a lower level. Additionally, you can use this effect to highlight specific areas of a property, creating spotlights or dimming lights around bedrooms to avoid interrupting your sleep.

They Look Stunning 

With the range of LEDs available, you can do about anything when it comes to lighting your property’s outdoor area. For instance, you can use small LEDs to draw attention to specific outdoor features, like installing LED lights around a focal point. Simply imagine the sparkling and amazing effect of LED lights twinkling back in the reflection of a fountain at night.

They Enhance Your Property’s Security & Safety

Any outdoor lighting improves your home’s security but because LED lighting is so bright, it really makes a difference. Not only will the bright lights deter criminals and intruders, but it will also make it easier for security personnel or CCTV cameras to easily see what is going on if someone does try to outsmart your security system. 

Moreover, outdoor LED lights on signs and paths can also make navigating your premises in the dark easier, helping avoid people getting lost or injured. Your guests, employees and other visitors will feel comfortable moving about your property, even late at night. 

Environment Friendly

We mentioned before how LEDs are an excellent choice because of their energy efficiency, but they’re also an environmentally friendly choice in another way too. This is because LEDs are created using non-toxic components, in contrast to other lights that are made using harmful compounds like mercury. Their production procedure is quite meticulous. Every item is checked thoroughly before LEDs are released in the marketplace. Moreover, they produce less heat, reducing their carbon footprint. Switching your lights to LEDs is a simple but effective change you can make for a better tomorrow.

Your Other Outdoor Lighting Questions Answered!

What Colours Are Better for Outdoor Lighting & Why?

Outdoor lighting often performs best with warm lights that provide enough illumination for everyone to move around comfortably and observe their surroundings without being too demanding on the eyes. However, if you are unsure how this would appear, just picture yourself relaxing near a fire pit. What you want from a warm temperature lamp is that cosy glow. Of course, you need to be sure that the colour temperature you choose complements the overall colour scheme of your outdoor area and property too.

Does Outdoor Lighting Deter Crime?

We touched on this question a little above, but it has been shown that outdoor lighting on properties does deter crime. This is because bright lights make it more difficult for burglars and other criminals to sneak up on your property and go unobserved as they commit illegal acts. So, when you install that quality outdoor lighting, you can feel safer. 

Does Outdoor Lighting Increase Home Value?

Correctly installed, well-chosen outdoor lighting unquestionably improves your home’s appeal in several ways. First, it is an excellent way to highlight your home’s architecture. Second, it plays a crucial role in keeping your home safe and secure. Finally, it makes your home feel even more welcoming and inviting. As a result, many realtors specifically advise sellers to hire professional outdoor lighting companies to really make their property shine.

Ready to Set Your Property Up With Quality LED Outdoor Lighting?

If you’re ready to transform your property’s outdoor space with LED and other outdoor lighting, you need to pay a visit to MJS Electrical Supplies. With a broad selection of premium LED and outdoors lights in a range of colours, shapes, intensities, and sizes, you can create the ultimate lighting display to show off your space. Be sure to check out their extensive collection now.



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