How to apply chaos theory to your daily routine and be happy


Sometimes, small habits can have a big impact on our daily productivity, setting a completely different tone for our days. Fans of the Jurassic Park franchise will have in mind the line of Professor Ian Malcolm, who in the first, iconic film of the series tried to explain chaos theory and the butterfly effect in a few words. A flap of butterfly wings in a certain corner of the world can cause a downpour in Los Angeles, or in Nairobi. Applied to human behaviour, this theory can have equally astounding effects. Changing a few of our daily habits, or taking on new ones (but avoiding drastic changes), will result in significant changes that, over time, will radically alter our attitude, our approach to life, even our productivity and the way we deal with others. A small change in our habits today can produce a bigger effect tomorrow. It is the Chaos theory applied to human beings and their daily routines, and with a regular – but systematic – change in our small daily habits, we can see truly prodigious end results. Radical changes will take time, but the positive effects will start to be noticed after a few weeks. 

The new rules of society 

Some people voluntarily decide to rely on a motivation and self-improvement guru, attending conferences or meetings where they gather like a veritable sect, and where the various participants (encouraged by the guru) seem to express themselves in a language of their own, made up of pre-packaged expressions that are always true, and which are supposed to unlock the best part of ourselves. All of them are unaware that with a correct application of the Chaos theory, their lives can really change in a short time in ways they never even imagined. The secret lies in making small daily changes to your routine, deciding to vary it slightly, or insert new small habits that will set a completely different tone to your existence. 

A path to success 

To achieve success in life, sometimes you just need to change your attitude. Start in the morning: get up an hour or two earlier than usual tomorrow, go out and do some sport and then come home, get ready to go out and go and concretely help someone by giving them a happy and positive day that will make them feel better. It may sound paradoxical, but the feelings you will experience after doing this action regularly, perhaps for several days in a row, are truly amazing. Also try making slight changes in your posture and the way you speak: slow down your movements noticeably as if you were watching yourself in a slow-motion video. Automatically generate time-spaces in which you can carefully observe what is happening around you, calmly planning the most appropriate reactions for each situation. Even the way you walk among people can be decisive in producing a noticeable improvement in your well-being and productivity: walk proudly, with your chest out and your head held high, as if you were on the verge of completing a mission of paramount importance. With these small gestures, your attitude will change in the blink of an eye.

Productivity is also closely linked to the quality of the activities we perform in our free time. These pastimes must be able to relax us, put us in a calm and peaceful state of mind, putting us in touch with the purest form of entertainment. Anything that keeps you grounded in the present, such as different forms of sports and video games (including mobile phones), can be incredibly helpful in building a more productive lifestyle. In this sense, technology can become a very useful ally for millions of people. We live in a time when everyone, even the top brands specialising in gambling, is doing everything they can to facilitate a smooth transition to a world dominated by digitalisation, activating new features and services that adapt to the spirit of the times. The free mobile slots, for instance, are designed not only to make the site’s experience smoother and faster but also to engage different audiences and help them enter the world of online entertainment for the first time, allowing them to explore an innovative genre of entertainment they did not yet know. The wide variety of games on these platforms allows each player to find what they like best and to play their favourite game safely.

The slightest change can greatly affect even the most complex systems, in an unpredictable and uncontrolled manner. A small change made today, even in our most insignificant habits, can lead to incredible results tomorrow.  


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