Study MBBS in China Courses and Duration

MBBS in China
MBBS in China

Study MBBS in China Courses and Duration

Study MBBS in China

A well-liked overseas educational option is the Chinese MBBS. Students from all over the world, especially those from India, flock to study at prestigious colleges in China. For many students, studying for the MBBS in China is a dream comes true. Deserving applicants can receive a top-notch medical education from China’s famous universities. With our advice, you can change your desire to pursue a medical education.

Requirement for Admission

We are pleased to offer you solid advice on a career in international medicine. The applicants’ PCB scores must be at least 70% in order to apply for the MBBS programme in China. Candidates must obtain a 200 on the NEET exam or less. Chinese MBBS programmes are affordable, thus students may pay the tuition with ease. The applicants could have to pay between $4000 and $5000 each year to study medicine in China’s best medical schools. Furthermore, the WHO and NMC both acknowledge China’s medical schools. More than 25 medical universities in China have received approval from a number of international medical bodies and NMC.

Study Medicine at a Foreign University

Indian students must pass the NMC exit exam after receiving their degrees in order to begin practicing medicine there. Apply for MBBS programs in China if you are enthusiastic about studying medicine at a foreign university. There are many advantages to pursuing an MBBS in China.

MBBS in China at a Glance

  • Degree Course Name- MBBS
  • Enrollment date for MBBS in China – September
  • MBBS in China Course Duration – 5 +1 Years
  • Eligibility criterion for MBBS in the country – 70% Marks in PCB, NEET Qualified
  • Medium of Teaching languages- English / Chinese both (as universities selected)
  • Fees in China – 21000 RMB to 48000 RMB Per Year
  • Living Cost in China – 12000 – 15000 RMB Per Month
  • Recommended Universities by overseas education consultants
  1. China Medical University
  2. Jilin Medical University
  • Recognition of Universities for overseas students who choose medical courses to study in this country-
  1. NMC,
  2. WHO,
  3. FAIMER,
  4. Ministry of Education China.

Seats for the MBBS/Medicine Course in China are scarce. For MBBS admission in China, get in touch with Jagvimal Consultants.

MBBS in China: Why?

The main justifications for selecting MBBS in China are as follows:

In China, there are 45 MBBS universities with NMC approval that can offer medical direction.

  • Another advantage of studying MBBS in China is the top-notch public infrastructure.
  • The application process is easy.
  • Students who are accepted into Chinese medical universities will experience global culture.
  • The likelihood of having a visa rejected in this nation is low.
  • Due to its very low crime rate, this country is a safest destination for overseas students wishing to study overseas.
  • Medical students can enroll in world-class MBBS programmes in China for a lower price.

Courses in China for Medical Background

Course Total Duration

  • MBBS (Bachelor Degree) – 6 Years
  • Dentistry (Bachelor Degree) – 5 Years
  • Pharmacy (Bachelor Degree) – 4 Years
  • Nursing (Bachelor Degree) – 4 Years

Duration of MBBS in China

You should think about studying medical degree in China because of the high level of learning there.

  1. The Chinese medical school offers six-year MBBS programmes.
  2. In China, students will finish five years of formal education.
  3. They must then complete a 12-month internship in a medical facility.


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