Some Very Useful Information On Sash Window Repairs Service

Sash Window Repair

Want to add a hint of heritage and elegance in your contemporary apartment? To do that in the best possible way is by including sash windows. The design and looks of these windows are ageless and mesmerizing. Someone who wants to bring in a vintage feel to the entire ambience of the room can go for sash windows and take into account various factors when it comes to the installation of these windows or while taking care of those. These windows can be used gracefully for hundreds of years if maintained with proper care and go for sash window repairs frequently.

Mentioned here are some of the most vital tips on how to maintain and repair sash windows to increase their lifespan.

Cleaning of the windows

If you are using a paper towel to clean sash windows stop doing that immediately as this will result in accumulation of more dirt and dust. On the contrary, clean the windows with the help of microfiber cloth and glass cleaner. This process of cleaning will prove to be quite environment friendly and maintain the looks of your sash windows 

Regular painting

To let the sash windows last for years it is mandatory to paint those at regular intervals. It is advisable to hire experienced professionals at a gap of every three to four years to serve the purpose. This is a crucial aspect of sash window repairs service.

Stop sticking of the windows

Sliding sash windows often get stiff and it becomes quite a task to glide them up and down. This issue generally occurs while a painting job is done in a messy way. Often by hiring the wrong sash window repairs service provider, you may end up sealing the windows due to incorrect style of painting. If you ever come across such an issue, carefully run a knife or any other sharp object along the edges or simply call a professional to avoid damaging the pain and the windows. 

Windows insulation

If insulation of the sash windows are not done properly it will result in heat loss making the ambience warm which also leads to more air conditioning and increased light bill. Professional sash window repair service providers can deal with these issues with their expert service by replacing the damaged rubber seals. Often they add shutters to ensure the property remains secured and the energy bill gets reduced.

Rotting of the windows
repair sash windows

While you are using wooden sash windows be careful that the wooden products are prone to rot with long term usage. With excess moisture the wood tends to get wet and makes it a breeding ground for fungus and damages the wood. In fact the rotten wood may also lead to leakage. It is thus advisable that you talk to a professional service provider the moment you trace rotting of the wooden sash windows. They will fix the issue by offering the right sort of sash window repairs service.


If you opt for professional sash window repairs service, look out for someone who has sufficient exposure in this field. They are well versed with which type of repair to opt for the windows to enhance the durability. By removing the sashes from the frames they take out the glass and remove the old putty. With this process, cleaning of the joints and removal of rotten woods gets easier. Then with the help of epoxy resin, gaps are covered and new timber is installed. With the replacement of the glass with a fresh paint coat following the replacement of cords and weather strips lubrication of the pulleys the process ends once the sashes are placed inside the frames.

Hire someone who you can entrust to shoulder the responsibility of sash windows repairs with confidence. Avail thorough knowledge of the service provider before you assign him with the task.


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