How to Improve Your Health as a Student


7 Health Tips Students Need to Know

Health is important for everyone, and it should definitely be a matter of students’ concern. Unfortunately, the modern dynamic lifestyle and huge academic pressure often leave young people at the crossroads of whether to make healthy choices or be on time with every task.

Since COVID-19 hit and students were forced to study from home or use a hybrid model, the burden of writing assignments has become insane. Some students complain that they might have up to five essays due in one week, which is reflected in the quality of their writing. Yet, most of all, it is affecting students’ health, as in addition to their anxiety and stress, they have to cut their night sleep and make other unhealthy choices.

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And here is what you should start with if you want to let healthy habits into your life:

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Be aware of the food you consume. It will do you no good if you eat junk food all the time. All fast food is not nutrient-balanced. You get full, but your body actually suffers.

First of all, start making lists of groceries you need and replenish your stocks wisely. Do not just buy everything that looks good on the shelves. You need to have a strategy and a bit of time to cook homemade food for yourself. It’s a healthy choice.

Another thing that is important about food is to avoid overeating or undereating. You need to determine the perfect portion size and eat it at a specified time. Don’t starve your body, provoking overeating.



You need to drink enough water daily to maintain your health and beauty. If you don’t get enough of it, your body may signal you. It could be headaches, dry skin, or low concentration levels, for example. However, if you establish a habit of drinking a glass of water once every couple of hours, you’ll definitely handle your dehydration and overheating issues.


Do not forget about hygiene of all kinds. Your personal hygiene starts with washing your hands regularly. Remember that showering/bathing are critically important for a healthy body. Also, add oral hygiene to the list since many students forget – or are too lazy – to brush their teeth regularly, two times a day. Cleanliness is fundamental for your health.


A healthy night’s sleep is the best thing for your mind and body. Nothing is more energizing for young people than eight or nine hours of sleep, especially for those who stay super active during the day. What’s more, if you have an opportunity to take a nap between classes, do it without any hesitation. Short naps during the day help your body regain energy faster than night sleep.


Low-Alcohol Policy

As a student, you are often tempted to attend parties and have fun. It often goes together with some drinks that will do you no good. Abstain from alcohol the best you can or at least minimize its consumption to some reasonable amounts. Don’t stock alcohol in your dorm room as well. You know it: it does more harm than good.


Stay active! If you have a choice to use an elevator or take the stairs, let it be stairs. If you choose between lying down and reading a book or going to the gym, choose an audiobook and go to the gym. Yoga, dance, stretching ­– anything that pleases your soul will do. What’s important is that you make sure to train every day as it keeps you strong and healthy.


You can’t study non-stop. This is something students try to do when they see lots of assignments coming, but this is definitely something you don’t need. It increases anxiety, adds stress, and leads to burnout. Instead, make a schedule to shift from brainwork to physical activity and vice versa. It will definitely help you maintain a healthy balance.


Health is the most precious thing that you have as a human. Wasting it on non-stop education and everyday stress is something doctors advise us not to do. On the other hand, healthy habits can guarantee us more muscles, better focus, and lower procrastination. This would be positively reflected in your academic performance, guaranteed!


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