Does dirndl attire really live up to the hype?

Does Dirndl Attire Really Live Up To The Hype

When it comes to traditional clothing for ladies, few are as enduringly popular as dirndl. Traditional Bavarian and Austrian attire, these distinctive dresses come in various patterns and styles. 

Dirndls are a big deal during Oktoberfest. You’ll see dirndl-wearing women mingling around the festival grounds and probably at other festivals as well. While Oktoberfest dirndl dresses are supposed to be traditional in nature, they also can flare up at times – a little sass has become a part of traditional fashion through the years.

Oktoberfest Dirndl, or rather the German dresses worn by all Bavarian girls, are typically made of 4 parts. The blouse, the skirt, the apron, and the bodice. There are many Dirndl brands out there who sell their own versions of these dresses. But you need to look out for a few things before making your purchase:

Oktoberfest Dirndl Must Haves!

As Oktoberfest approaches, you may be wondering what your German Dirndl attire options are. The good news is that if you and your girlfriends want to dress like true Bavarian beauties, there are a number of places to purchase gorgeous dirndls online.

A vintage dirndl is a traditional outfit originating in the German regions of Bavaria and Austria. It is a type of dress worn by women that combines elements of the bodice and skirt with an apron or bodice front panel.

Let us have a look at dirndls’ must-haves:

Vintage Dirndl Skirt Length 

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Contrary to popular belief, dirndl dresses are not only worn by tourists. Dirndls come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional long dresses worn by Bavarian women to shorter versions of dirndl dresses that locals wear.

The knee-length dirndl is the most popular of all the dirndls and one of the most sought-after styles of dress. This particular dirndl reveals your calves, but it’s not too revealing because it is still considered an acceptable length for this classic Bavarian piece of clothing.

You’ll find many beautiful vintage dirndl designs here at the Lederhosen Store. Although it isn’t essential to pay attention to the length of your dirndl, we do recommend that you choose a dirndl skirt that is knee-length or longer. They offer three different sizes of dirndl skirts:

  • Mini Dirndl

The Mini-Dirndl is a shorter version of the traditional Bavarian Dirndl dress.  At Oktoberfest, mini-dirndls are a must-have for any young woman. These fun and stylish dresses are extremely popular among the younger set who attend private parties at home during the festival.

The length of a Dirndl skirt depends on its wearer’s height, as some women may be able to wear a Mini-Dirndl as a Midi-Dirndl, while others may not.

  • Midi Dirndl

A midi-dirndl can be customized to any height and dress size. Some women choose to wear a longer dirndl while others prefer a shorter one that barely covers the knees. This mid-length dirndl is approximately 60 – 75cm in length, depending on your height and dress size.

  • Maxi Dirndl

Maxi Dirndl is the classic choice for Bavarian fashion. It not only looks good, but it also lets you breathe better and is the most comfortable style for all body types. Manufactured from 100% cotton, Maxi-Dirndl offers comfort to every wearer.

The current fashion trend favors lightweight fabrics in neutral colors, such as cotton and linen. A full-length dirndl is always the perfect choice for a traditional festival or costume party.

Pairing a Perfect Dirndl Blouse 

Traditional Oktoberfest dress codes dictate that white blouses go with dirndls, but today you can wear whatever you like. Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect dirndl blouse for your German dirndl dress. If your dirndl features a colorful pattern, stick with plain or neutral fabrics in order to draw attention to the dress and not the top.

If you’re wearing a flashy blouse with a Bavarian dirndl dress, then make sure to balance out the look with an equally subdued bodice. It’s your décolleté that really draws attention in a dirndl blouse.

If you prefer not to show off your legs, a longer dirndl is a perfect choice. Luxury blouses this season feature delicate lace and a simple cut. A more reserved neckline is also a hot new trend.

Bavarian Shoes to Team Up with Dirndl

For the woman who wants to make an elegant statement as she dances, court shoes are a great choice. They’re easy to walk in and are comfortable enough for dancing. If you need to stand for long periods, wedges might be a better choice.

Pairing a dirndl with wild leather and buckles or straps is a good idea, but ballerina pumps and loafers are not much recommended due to their flat soles.

Looking for the perfect vintage dirndl? Visit Lederhosen Store, where you’ll find a wide selection of dirndls and other Oktoberfest accessories made from only the finest fabrics.


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