How to Start an Invention


Inventing a product from an idea is not a simple task. While the process itself is exciting, it can be difficult as well. To overcome this, Lininger recommends seeking professional help, so that certain aspects of the process are taken care of professionally. These professionals can include finding a manufacturer or patent attorney. It is also beneficial to find a business partner How to start an invention idea? is willing to help. In addition, there are incubators, which offer business support and resources to entrepreneurs and inventors.

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Before you start developing your invention idea inventions, you should conduct market research. This will help you decide if the idea invention is unique or just another variation of a product that’s already been on the market. It will also help you know when to begin the design phase, which is the stage before the manufacturing process. Most inventions are not original, but are variations on an existing product. The first step is creating a concept mockup or working prototype, which can be created with a computer aided-design (CAD). You can also make a computer animated version of the concept, which will help you visualize the product’s true design.

Next, you need to research your competitors. The Internet is a great place to find information about your competitors. It can give you valuable insights on how the competition positions their websites on Google, how much they spend on online marketing, and more. Aside from this, you can also get feedback from your potential customers. You can also use tools such as Google Surveys and SurveyMonkey to gather information from consumers. You can use the feedback of these consumers to improve your invention idea.

idea inventions

The first step in developing an invention idea is to collect inspiration. If you have a favorite product, you can find ways to improve it or solve a problem that you’ve noticed. Then, write down your idea. This is an important step, as the idea will easily float away. Ensure you write it down and hold onto it tightly. Keep in mind that you may not want to sell the idea at this early stage.

The next step in developing your invention idea is to make sure it’s an original. Before submitting your idea, you should do some research to see if similar products already exist. If you’re not sure if your idea is unique, hire a qualified engineer to validate it. A qualified engineer is an expert in product development and will help you ensure that your idea is original. It can also help you secure your invention idea by signing a nondisclosure agreement.


The process of starting an invention is a long one, and it requires a lot of time and effort. During this phase, you may be stuck in a state of idea paralysis. To overcome this, you need to find a way to build momentum. To do so, think about what you are avoiding and decide whether that fear is worth it. Once you start diving into the task, you’ll realize that it is not as difficult as you thought it would be, and you’ll get there much faster.

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Next, you should decide whether your idea is practical and useful. This will involve conducting market research and business research. You need to make sure that the product you’re planning to develop has enough market demand. Besides, you need to determine whether the timing is right for the product’s introduction. It may not be possible to patent your invention if it’s introduced too late. So, it’s best to select a niche and an industry you’re already familiar with.


When considering a new invention idea, you need to determine its relevance to the market. Relevance is the ability to address a problem that is salient enough to generate a market. Legitimacy is the ability to address a problem that is solvable, but not a problem that is so urgent that it cannot be solved by others. The next step is to choose a specific industry or niche to develop your new idea.

Documentation is crucial when trying to protect yourself against ripoffs. Creating a meticulous journal is the best way to prove that you are the owner of the idea. Moreover, it demonstrates that you have an organized approach to your invention. You can use the journal to document your progress, ideas, and activities. Providing details of your work will prove helpful in court if you ever need to defend your invention. This step is crucial to ensure the success of your idea.


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