American Residential Warranty Reviews For 2021

American residential warranty

A home warranty is a warranty or contract that helps in saving time and money. When any of the systems and appliances at home break down due to normal wear and tear, these contracts or warranty cards come in handy and help cover up the extra cost. Such a warranty card covers the cost of repairing or replacing the items. There are seven different plans to cover up and optional add-ons, too; one such is the American Residential Warranty card. It provides coverage to all 50 states and Washington D.C. of the American states.

What is the American Residential Warranty?

American Residential Warranty is one of very few homes warranty companies that allows its customers to choose their contractors to complete repairs if their appliances from the home system break down. The warranty card has clearly stated that it will recover only 20 items.

The plan offered by the company starts at $25 per month and gets a good rating as delivered by the customers. American Residential home warranty only covers new conditions in the home appliances bought. It doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions at all. All the respective devices and systems should be in excellent working condition when delivered. If it’s not, the goods can be returned at that time, or the service handler can be called, but if the appliance gets worn out while working it out, the service period will start from the date of order. The users will get a full refund if they cancel the order within 30 days. An average refund will be paid if the cancellation is after 30 days. And if a customer wants to cancel the American Residential policy, a written notice must be sent to their headquarters.

Advantages of American Warranty Card:

  1. The Warranty gives full coverage for electronics products.
  2. A 30-days money return policy is granted to its customers.
  3. One can choose their contractors to provide service.
  4. There are competitive payout caps for its customers.
  5. There’s always competitive pricing seeing the market price at hand.
  6. There is 24*7 customer support and emergency services available throughout the year.

Disadvantages of American Warranty:

  1. The Warranty card clearly states that it covers only 20 items and systems.
  2. The customers sometimes get confused in knowing the real suppliers as there are so many involved.
  3. The major disadvantage is that it doesn’t allow the complaint to be filed online.
  4. The Warranty states its customers pay a service fee of $55 for all kinds of repairs or replacements on the 20 covered items.
  5. The service fee is directly paid to the technician who repairs the appliance or system.

American Residential Warranty Reviews System

This is a review system in which genuine and trusted third-party customers review the company. This acts as a rating for other customers or Companies to look forward to getting the services ticked from the company. The company’s service and reputation depend on these reviews.

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The American Residential Warranty lends its customers a variety of plans which suits their budget in buying home appliances and systems. The Warranty covers a good deal of house electronics items and provides a smooth service. The customer care who works 24*7 provide the best service and caters to their needs.


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