Which Sports News Websites Are Best?


If you’re interested in sports, it’s important to know which sports news websites are best to follow. Here are a few top choices: Bleacher Report, ESPN, Deadspin, 8X Sports, and CBS. These websites are popular among sports fans for their comprehensive coverage of all the major sports.

Bleacher Report

If you’re a fan of sports, you may have heard of the Bleacher Report sports news website. The website features interactive videos and breaking sports news. Founded in 2006, the site has grown to more than 6,000 contributors. Its four co-founders include David Finocchio, Bryan Goldberg, and Ryan Alberti. The company was founded in an office in Menlo Park, California, where the foursome were high school classmates.

During the early days of the website, Bleacher Report hired well-known sports journalists, creating a stir in the sports journalism community. These writers included Howard Beck of The New York Times, Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register, and Ethan Skolnick of the Palm Beach Post. The stories they wrote often criticized the class system and the way in which sports fans treated each other. The company is now reversing these decisions and focusing on quality content and a more professional team image.


ESPN is a world-renowned television sports network. The name is derived from its founders’ initials, “Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.” It was purchased by Walt Disney Company in 1996, and today, ESPN boasts a worldwide audience of 50 million subscribers. The site is a popular choice for people who want to stay up-to-date on the latest news in the sports world.

It’s important to note that there are many other sports news websites on the internet. While they all cover a variety of sports, they don’t offer equal coverage. It’s a good idea to mix it up and see which one works best for you. ESPN is great for score updates, Bleacher Report has in-depth stories, and Yahoo Sports has plenty of sports news.


Deadspin is an engaging online destination for sports enthusiasts, attracting more than 10 million unique visitors each month. Its sarcastic, satirical take on sports heroes and controversies is a trademark of this viral website, which also breaks the occasional story. Its satire of sports figures and television announcers has won it loyal readers.

The sports news website launched in 2005 as a one-man blogging project, but has since grown into a publishing bantamweight in the sports journalism world, taking on much larger and better resourced rivals. In the past decade, it’s managed to make a name for itself by breaking explosive stories. Its coverage of Brett Favre’s alleged sexual misconduct fueled controversy and drew the attention of many, even in the wake of the quarterback’s denial. In 2016, the site was acquired by Spanish-language media company Univision Communications for $135 million. Nevertheless, the website was closed down in the United States because of its legal problems.

8X Sports

If you’re interested in breaking sports news, 8Xbet is the site to go to. The website provides breaking news from all major sports and has extensive international coverage. It also offers video highlights from major sporting events. Subscribers can also sign up to get breaking news alerts. The site is updated daily so you’ll always be up to date on the latest news.

If you’re a fan of fantasy sports, 8X is a good place to find the latest breaking news and analysis in the world of fantasy sports. It’s updated every day and has many features. It has discussion boards for each sport and an email newsletter. It’s easy to use and constantly adds fresh articles.

Guardian Sport

If you love sports, you should subscribe to Guardian Sport. This website not only provides you with all the latest news and highlights from the sport world, but also offers you exclusive features and opinions. Their writers are seasoned, experienced sports writers. The Guardian is a well-known newspaper, and their website is an extension of this tradition. They have both American and British editions, and each offers a team-oriented perspective.

The BBC is another great source for sports news. Its website features a dedicated sports section and frequently holds the television rights to major events. It also offers an unrivalled live-blog service, with a mix of informal conversations and expert analysis. It is also part of the Vox Media collective, meaning it has rigorous editorial oversight.


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