Pakistan Youths At Risk Of Drug Addiction As Rates Continue To Grow


Youth culture and drugs have always walked very closely alongside each other, but in recent years the rise of usage, not just in Pakistan but worldwide, has grown astronomically, creating a huge problem, particularly in developing countries.

Pakistan has one of the largest young populations in the country, and with that generation of people more susceptible to drug experimentation and addiction, largely due to the likes of social pressures, mental health problems and the stresses of puberty and adolescence, there’s a real worry that the country could be developing severe drug problems. 

There’s been a notable increase in young people in Pakistan checking in to the likes of a drug rehab, and more support is going to be needed to be put in place over the coming years in order to be able to help the growing number of people suffering. 

At present, around 7.6 million people in the country are addicted to drugs, with the breakdown of that being 78% male, 22% female, according to the United Nations and that figure is growing at an alarming rate.

Calls are now being made for the government to put measures in place to try and aid this escalating situation, with the likes of unemployment, economic uncertainty and the low price of drugs in the country among the key reasons the situation is continuing to grow.

What’s more, family stress and problems at home is also leading to further curiosity to take drugs according to professionals in the space, alongside it becoming a fashionable thing to do in today’s society, which is incredibly dangerous.

But what exactly can be done about it?

The Pakistan government need to act swiftly and solidly in order to try and educate and divert the youth away from drugs, with schools, local governments and community groups all needing to step up with the same, consistent messaging, otherwise it’s going to continue  to be a problem. 

Mass awareness campaigns are needed, and an acceptance that such a problem exists both on a government and societal level is required as well in order to push people to get the treatment they need. After all, it is a parent’s role too to educate and provide support for their family.

Pakistan is at a critical stage of its drug problem in young people and those making the decisions need to step up to the plate now before it becomes too late for so many of those suffering.


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