Your Complete Guide to Interior Steel Doors and Where to Install Them in Your Kemmerer Home

Interior Steel Doors

While many people are now choosing wrought iron or black steel doors as their entry door in Kemmerer, not enough people are thinking about the possibility of installing interior steel doors in their house. 

Steel doors aren’t just a fashion statement; they’re an investment in your property and a guarantee that your home’s value will increase with the installation. These doors are extremely trendy and can elevate the look of your home’s interior design. Today, we’ll discuss interior steel doors, where you can use them, and why you should choose them.

Factory Style Metal Doors

Let’s start with factory-style metal doors. These doors are the gateway, no pun intended, to good interior door design and upscaling your home’s look. The problem with many other fancier or more stylized interior doors is that they’ll need you to adjust the rest of your house around them. You don’t have to get a special doorway made with factory-style steel doors, and you don’t need to change your interior design to match these doors. They’ll fit right in and still manage to elevate the overall look of the house.

This is possible with these metal doors because of their slim steel frame with glass panels in the middle. It’s not a very imposing design that requires an overall theme, but it’s still very chic and modern. The minimalist style will add some sleekness to the room these are installed in without looking out of place. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade their doors but doesn’t want to redo entire rooms.

These doors are perfect for bedrooms if the glass panes in the middle are glazed. Otherwise, with plain glass, they’ll work well in any doorway leading to a shared space in the house.

Steel Wine Cellar Doors

Metal wine cellar doors are extremely classy. As the name suggests, these doors are specialized for which room they can be used in. 

First of all, the frame for wine cellar doors must be airtight. This helps keep the cool and dry air inside the cellar so that the wine is unaffected by harmful external factors that could cause it to sour. 

Secondly—and this isn’t necessary but looks traditional—you should try and get a steel wine cellar door as a singular arched door. Not only does this look amazing, it just screams that you have a wine cellar installed inside of your house. Not only does this sort of door look great, but it can also actively raise the value of your home if you have both a wine cellar and the proper interior door that opens up to it.

Also Consider: Metal Room Dividers

Okay, so not exactly a door, but metal room dividers can be a great addition to your house. In essence, a room divider can be anything that divides the room into two or more different parts. However, a proper metal room divider will do this more effectively and with a bit of style.

Room dividers are great at effectively using the space inside of your home. They can help section off areas in larger living spaces or connected rooms. It helps with room planning without needing to spend money to install a new wall and doors alongside it, and it’s a non-commitment installation, as the room divider can usually be moved or folded away when necessary.

If you want to add more flair to a larger space inside your house, but aren’t sure you want to spend a lot to do so, then some black steel room dividers will be a great option for you. Plus, when ordering metal room dividers, you have the benefit of getting an intricately designed divider. With steel dividers, you can even get custom designs made so that the divider works perfectly with the things already in your home.

If you’re interested in getting any of the metal interior doors or room dividers mentioned above, or if you’re in the market for front doors or entry doors instead, then consider reaching out to Pinky’s Iron Doors. They’re an online custom door maker that can create custom steel interior doors for you in Kemmerer, Wyoming.

Aside from the metal doors and steel room dividers mentioned above, Pinky’s also creates several other styles of doors, such as French doors, pocket doors, shower doors, barn doors, and much more. You can check out their collection of pre-made designs, or you can contact them for a custom door order. You can avail their services all over Wyoming.


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