Traditional Bedroom Vs Royal Bedroom Ideas

Royal Bedroom

Seeing a royal bedroom in shows and movies may inspire you to have one for yourself. You can convert traditional bedrooms into classy ones with some simple changes. So, having a majestic bed and furniture is not a far fetch idea anymore. There are some tips and tricks that may help you renovate your ordinary room into a grande vibe. However, some people prefer a traditional setting with a modern touch. You can go either way depending on your aesthetic and preference. 

A royal room usually has fancy decorations and long beautiful curtains. You may often come across such room decor ideas when scrolling through the pages of a magazine. Meanwhile, some people find the classic-style rooms more fascinating. Fortunately, we have some innovative tricks for a traditional and royal-style bedroom of your liking. Even if you want either of these rooms, we got you covered! Read through our best bedroom decor recommendations to get an idea.

Traditional Living Room Ideas

Traditional bedroom designs do not have to look drab and boring. Nowadays, most of these rooms have a classy feel that looks fascinating. You can decorate this classic bedroom with symmetrical furniture and complementing color schemes. Also, you can add some antique pieces to the room for a personal and unique touch. Let’s talk in detail about the innovative touches that make your room appear more beautiful.

1. Color Choice for Tradition Room

A monotone room gives a classy vibe but you can also incorporate two or three colors that complement each other. Lively colors make the room appear more comfortable and reflect your personality. Also, the traditional-style rooms can flaunt any color palette of your liking.

2. Stone and Fireplace Selection

Granite is a multifunctional stone for the fireplace in traditional room decor. It is also water-resistant and shows minimal signs of abrasions. Moreover, it has high resistance to heat and is easy to clean because of the smooth surface. You can get a modern custom wood and gas fireplace for an aesthetic vibe.

3. High Ceiling Design for Traditional Living Room

Ceiling design is one of the most important things to consider in bedroom interior design. A high ceiling with artwork of your choice can transform the look of a room. Also, it gives a classy appearance to the whole interior. Nowadays, many traditional rooms have this high ceiling design as well.

4. Window Treatments

The most common window treatments are the use of drapes and curtains. You can go for a heavy velvet fabric or sheer net design, depending on your needs. Moreover, shades are another option to look into for a traditional look. Some people also get blinds and shutters according to their liking.

5. Bed Design and Color

The color of the bed should complement the walls and look symmetrical. Nowadays, many people opt for straight-line beds with different color strokes to match the palette of the surroundings. These traditional bedroom ideas can help reflect your style and personality.

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Royal Living Room Ideas

A royal-style bedroom has a dreamy look and gives the appearance of a mansion. You can transform any traditional room into a royal one with some tweaks here and there. Firstly, a royal bed with a vibrant shade adds a classy touch. Then you can add long drapes and curtains to uplift the vibe. These changes help give an elegant touch to the surroundings. Lastly, some decoration pieces and small furniture items give a luxurious appearance.

1. Curtains Style

Usually, royal bedroom furniture compliments the color and style of curtains. You can go for long floor-touching drapes and bind them with rope for a luxurious look. Also, select bright and vibrant shades for your curtains.

2. Fancy Lights

Install a chandelier or lamps in your room according to the budget. Warm yellow tones light to uplift the ambiance and give an elegant vibe to the room. Also, lights are the essence of a royal room so, choose according to the surroundings.

3. Table and Chair Design

Artsy furniture can add a vintage royal vibe to your room instantly. You can choose antique designs to reflect luxury and elegance. An easy to incorporate furniture in your room is with a simple table and chair. A large table and a chair with chair covers and velvet cushions can complement the royal bed as well.

4. Wall Decoration

There are various patterns for wallpaper available in the market that give a royal feel to your room. A neutral base with a vibrant royal blue design goes well with this aesthetic. Think of the prince and princesses that wake up to the stunning walls when choosing your wall design.

5. Couches for Living Room

A living room is a perfect place to show your extravagant style. If you find the right royal bedroom ideas, you can build the living room according to it. Also, neutral-colored couches look luxurious and bind the whole look together.


What is traditional furniture style?

Furniture plays a role in traditional bedroom decor. Mostly, it has ornate details and intricate patterns as well. Also, you can look for warm-toned wood furniture that goes well with almost every room. This versatile style also gives a timeless look to the room.

What is the most popular decoration style of 2021?

In 2021, interior designers recommend sticking to classic tones and designs. Royal blue and terracotta shades are a popular choice of the year for a royal look. Also, you can go for wax figures, wooden coffee tables, and intricate baskets to decor your room. The earthy tones are another hit of 2021.

How can I make my living room luxurious?

A royal-themed bedroom gives a luxurious vibe to the room and makes everything look more expensive. There are some simple changes such as floor-length curtains and elegant lights that instantly change the appearance. Also, you can use antique pieces for a royal look.

How can I decorate my living room elegant?

Designing your living room is the best way to show off your aesthetic. You may incorporate some prince room decorations such as vibrant colored couches to make it appear more elegant. Also, matching walls and complementing furniture are essential for elegant-looking rooms.


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