Thomas hype house net worth

Thomas hype house net worth

Here we are going to discuss Thomas hype house net worth. Thomas Petrou, the cofounder of Hype House, earns a hefty and alluring net worth of $2 million from his social media presence. He is omnipresent on social media: He is not only a YouTuber; He is a social media influencer, an Internet Celebrity, and an Entrepreneur too. His TikTok following amounts to 8 million, and his Instagram following amounts to a mighty figure of 2.1 million. His monthly income stands at $20,000 estimated, and his yearly income is $250,000 around.

He hasn’t any official Twitter account, but the abovesaid figures tell his Instagram and TikTok presence is enough. He makes $14,700 per post on Instagram. He also owns a successful Cofee business.

Seeing his expensive and lavishing houses and cars, people wonder how he is that wealthy at the very young age of 23. Questions regarding his assets, impressive cars, and net worth often surround him. If you want to know about his annual net worth and whence he makes his big money, hook to this article.

Thomas Petrou: A brief Profile.

On September 2, 1998, Thomas Petrou was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. He has American-Greek descent. Thomas belongs to a well-settled Christian family. He has done his schooling at a Local High School in California.

He enrolled at a private university in Los Angeles but left his studies to pursue his career online. His family says that he has had a strong drive of becoming a social media celebrity since his childhood. As of 2022, the talented YouTuber is 23 years of age.

Thomas Petrou: A brief Profile.

Thomas’ father is a wealthy businessman. He has a younger sister in his siblings. His girlfriend Mia Hayward is also a popular Instagrammer and Youtuber, and his previous girlfriend Kayla Pimentel was also a social media star.

He is equally famous for his dashing looks.

This 23-year-old hunk is not only famous for his over-flowing bank accounts; his charming personality is equally to be blamed!

He has a robust, rhomboid muscular body shape. As of his perfect body measurements, he is 6 feet and 1 inch in height, and he weighs around 78Kg. He frequently compliments his blistering hazel brown eyes and short hairstyle.

Thomas Petrou: from an ordinary college dropout to an extraordinary Social Media Influencer

Thomas Petrou first joined YouTube in 2015 after leaving his university studies. For the first four years, his presence over YouTube was not well-noted. Petrou appeared in the TV reality show Team 10 in May 2019. He got fired from the show in August 2019. He later came up with the statement that he couldn’t know the reason behind his elimination.

Thomas’ removal of Team 10 proved to be a blessing in disguise and the first step towards his bigger journey. Three months after completing his tenure at Team 10, he co-founded The Hype House in December 2019. Around this time, his TikTok and YouTube following sky-rocketed.

Thomas Petrou: from an ordinary college dropout to an extraordinary Social Media Influencer

Thomas’ following figures further escalated during his time in Hype House. As of December 2020, he built a community of 7.9 million followers on TikTok and 1.90 million subscribers on YouTube.

The Hype House

The Hype house is a living-together facility for TikTok personalities where they can create online content in collaboration. We see many teenage content creators creating videos and visual stuff together. Hype House is the mansion’s name located in Los Angeles, California.

The building’s architecture is a Spanish-style Mansion. It rests over the top of a gated street. It contains a pool, large kitchen, dining quarters, and a palatial backyard.

The Hype House

The current members of The Hype House are Thomas Petrou, Mia Hayward, Jack Wright, Vinnie Hacker, etc. The Hype House reality show premiered on Netflix on January 7, 2022.

Founders of The Hype House, including Petrou.

Thomas Petrou co-founded The Hype House with Alex Warren, Chase Hudson, and Kouvr Annon.

Founders of The Hype House, including Petrou.

When was The Hype House formed?

The Hype House family got together in December 2019. The residing members consist of around twenty rising as well as established TikTokers. Thomas Petrou and other founding crew, including Chase Hudson, Daisy Keech, Addison Rae, Dixie D’Amello, etc., contribute the creation funds.

Thomas Petrou is a member of the house as well. Another founding member Daisy Keech left in March 2020 due to an internal tiff. Around that time, the show was at its peak and consisted of 21 participants. In May 2020, the D’Amello sisters also left.

Over time, Hype House got lesser of a content creation platform and became more of a business. Some already established YouTubers, internet sensations, and fashion industry people joined the house. Larry, a savvy TickTocker and YouTuber, joined in January 2020 but left at the end of the year.

The arrival of the Internet sensation Vinnie Hacker was the reason for excitement and a surprise for The Hype House fans. In December 2020, Russian model Renata Valliulina joined the house, which aroused a mixed reaction from the fan base.

The handsome Petrou has a lot of controversies too!

Fortunately, these controversies are not ‘suspenseful’ and ‘criminal type.’ These have cropped up regarding his foundership of The Hype House. Daisy Keech sued Petrou and Hudson in court because she felt that the duo excluded her from the key decisions despite her being an equal shareholder. This behaviour was the same reason she left the show.

Another YouTuber Bryce Hall accused Petrou of Money Heist. He said that Petrou steals the members’ money and does not fulfil his financial responsibilities as a founder in return.

However, Petrou came forward for his defence and invited Hall to solve these problems in the live podcast that he hosts. Hall circulated the screenshots of his messages over the internet. Petrou shared the screenshots on his behalf, saying that the posted conversation is out of context, so here was the full chat.

Another minor public reaction arose when July 21, 2020, episode showed one of the members holding a surprise birthday party for her fellow. This event also included other internet celebrities as guests. There were 67 attendees, and no one was with a face mask on. Around that time, California was going above NewYork in Covid-19 cases. Photos and videos appeared on Instagram, which invited public criticism.

Public heat cooled down when Merritt and some other party members apologized. All residents were later tested negative for Covid-19.

Final Words

Thomas of Hype House has a $2million annual net worth, but this is not the only wealth he owns. He has millions of people idealizing his wealth and physical beauty. This was all about Thomas hype house net worth.


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