Chalino Sanchez Wife

Chalino Sanchez Wife

Here we are going to talk about Chalino Sanchez wife. Mexican native Marisela Vallejos Felix is the wife of the famous Mexican singer and songwriter Chalino Sanchez. She has no reason for her popularity except her celebrity husband. They married each other in 1984. Their successful marriage continued for nine years before he was assassinated in 1992 in Mexico. Their prodigy includes a son and a daughter. In this piece of writing, you will get to know everything about the late singer’s wife.

A brief profile of Chalino Sanchez Wife

Marisela Vallejos Felix was born in 1970 in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. She had not made her exact date of birth public. She was not a US national until 2018; She got American citizenship after thirty years of residence in the USA. The reason behind why she didn’t qualify for the citizenship was the non-payment of taxes on her behalf. She is living now as the 51 years old widow of Chalino Sanchez.

A brief profile of Marisela Vallejos

She had a son and a daughter with Chalino Sanchez. Her son’s name is Adan, and her daughter’s name is Cynthia. Her son Adan Sanchez died in a road accident in 2004.

Does Marisela have a career of her own?

No one knows whether she does anything for a living or not. However, she gets royalties from her husband’s and son’s music.

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Chalino Sanchez is one of the most popular and chart-topping Latin American Singer. People still listen to his music after thirty years of his demise.

Who is Chalino Sanchez, and why is he popular?

Rosalino Sanchez Felix ( 30 August 1960- 16 May 1992) was a smashing singer of the Regional Mexican Music genre. His prime reason for his popularity was his corridos. Chalino is his nickname, which he later used as his professional name.

Who is Chalino Sanchez, and why is he popular?

Chalino lived a life of extreme poverty. He had a dream of becoming a singer since his childhood. He moved to Tijuana at 17 years of age and worked as an immigrant smuggler. He illegally moved to the United States when he was 18.

He first lived in Oregon and then moved to Inglewood, California. He worked there as an auto-seller and narco. His music laid the foundation of Latino Music in Los Angeles.

He was the first singer who sang in his natural accent and local slang. By the late eighties, Chalino was in high demand in the Southland’s nightclubs.

His rise as a ground-breaking corridos singer

Chalino was deeply grieved with his brother’s murder, which took place in Tijuana’s hotel in 1984. He composed his first ballad to express his grief. After a year or so, he had to go behind bars.

His rise as a ground-breaking corridos singer

He used to compose the corrido songs for his fellow inmates whenever they had a story to tell. His friend and customer, Pedro Rivera, encouraged took him to a small recording studio. Therefore, he joined San Angel Records in Los Angeles. His first recorded cassette came out in 1989 with 15 songs. Pedro and Chalino union mastered the art of “narcocorridos” together, a sub-category of the corridos music that mythologizes and highly praises the drug trade and adjunct violent crimes.

Chalino meets the love of his life, Marisela.

Chalino met his future wife, Marisela Vallejos Felix, through his cousin, Rosalba. They tied the knot in 1984, with Marisela being pregnant with their son, Adan Sanchez. Their wedding was very simple and inclusive. They also had a daughter named Cynthia Sanchez.

The widowed Marisela

Chalino’s alleged reason for the murder is his involvement in the drug cartels and the subsequential power rivalry. Sanchez’s sales touched the sky in the aftermath of his attempted murder.

A drug-addled Coachella local shot him during his performance in a nightclub. After several months of this incident, he received a death-threatening letter performing in Culiacan.

An entourage of armed state officers crossed Chalino and his crew. They lured him into accompanying them and meeting a commandant for the case investigation. After many hours, two local men found his dumped dead body in an irrigation canal.

The post mortem report showed two bullets in his head and rope marks on his wrist. The widowed Marisela remained alone to raise two under-ten kids. Over 10,000 fans gathered at his funeral ceremony outside the Los Angeles church.

The loss of her husband was not the only tragedy for the poor Marisela!

Marisela and Chalino’s son Adan also followed his father’s suit for his career. He was a successful Mexican vocalist. In 2004, at the age of 24, he died in a brutal car accident. Therefore, she now has only one family member left: Her daughter.

Adan was only eight years old when his father’s heinous abduction and murder. He followed his father’s footsteps and took up singing while using his father’s professional name, Chalino. He earned huge success among the American-Mexican teenage community and hip-hop lovers.

20 March 2004 was a big day for Adan as he became the first-ever and youngest Regional Mexican artist to record the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. He was on a promotional campaign for his music in his paternal hometown Sinaloa.

He was heading towards Tuxpan, Nayarit, for a concert. One of his car tires blew up, and the driver lost control of the car on the Rosario-Escuinapa highway. Unfortunately, he had to meet his untimely death. Like his father, more than 10,000 fans swarmed the streets of Los Angeles.

Marisela Vallejos’s life now

Marisela lives a very private life now and doesn’t have any social media presence. No one has noticed her since the demise of her son.

Was Marisela Vallejos a tax-evader?

Marisela spoke to the media in this case. She clarified that she had to exit the US again and again because her mother suffered from a long-term illness. Melisafurther said that now it feels liberated because it was tiresome to list the taxes in order and report them daily. She also had to report to immigration authorities every time she was to exit the country.

Marisela Vallejo’s net worth

As of 2021, she has a net worth of $ 3.2 million. This money comes from her late husband’s and son’s music.


We often see optimistic people saying that make lemonade if life throws lemons at you. What to do if life spills blood over you?

Chalino Sanchez’s wife has shown the world that her patience is more than praiseworthy. She is a lady of a very stable and sound mind. Nothing could separate her from her husband until God planned this way.

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The tragedy wasn’t over; she had to be alive to lose another blood relation. We all hope that no other tragedy strikes her ever again. This was all about Chalino Sanchez Wife.

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