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Canada to India flights

It’s a digital era and people are encircled with countless apps and websites. But, when it comes to book a flight to Canada, many people who are not frequent travellers end up scrolling down thousands of websites for hours and finally wind up booking expensive international flight tickets to Canada. 

Booking Canada to India flights always costs an arm and leg. A budget-friendly trip is what the heart desires! Now, you must be thinking of how to book cheap Canada to India flights? We have the best tips here for you.

Best Tips To Buy Ticket

Let’s take a look at the insider secrets that can help you book cheap air tickets from Canada to India.

Book In Advance

Booking tickets at the eleventh hour can never help you grab cheap flights. Always try to book your air tickets from Canada to India in advance. It is generally recommended to do your flight bookings at least 6-8 weeks in advance of your travel dates to get the lowest flight price. Also, you can get a seat as per your preference, by booking tickets in advance.

Search For Flights Secretly

How can one search for flights secretly? We know that this question must have come to your mind. Now, you must have noticed that after a repeated search of flights to India, the flight prices get increased. This is because the airlines use cookies to track the searches which result in increased fares of flights that are high on demand. So, prefer searching in incognito or private windows to get cheap flights from India to Canada. 

Be Flexible With Travel Dates 

While searching for cheap flights from Canada to India, you should always be flexible with your travel date. Avoid booking air tickets on weekends because it’s the time when the airfares are high. Try to purchase the air tickets from Canada in between the weekdays and get the cheapest flight to India. Don’t forget, a penny saved is always a penny earned! 

Search For Flight Deals

There are numerous websites that provide deals on Canada to India flights. Search for the deals on different websites and if you find one on a specific day, fly on that day. Utilize the deal and save a good amount. 

Register For A Frequent Flyer Program Membership

If you are fond of travelling, don’t miss becoming a member of the frequent flyer program. This comes with its own heap of benefits. You will receive loyalty points whenever you purchase tickets from a specific airline. These points can further be used to get bumper discounts on flight bookings.

Book Tickets From Alternate Airports

Try to choose an alternate airport rather than sticking to a single airport while booking a flight from Canada to India. You might get cheap flights to India from a different airport. It is usually recommended to book flights from the airports which are less popular than the famous airports because the flight prices are considered to be less from a less popular airport.

Choose Connecting Flights Over Direct Flights

You should always choose a connecting flight instead of direct or non-stop flights if time is not a constraint for you. It is suggested so because flights with halts are often cheaper as compared to direct or non-stop flights. Connecting flights are truly the perfect tool to save money.  

Avoid Carrying Extra Luggage

Airlines have their luggage policy which suggests bringing limited luggage of a certain weight. They also specify the number of bags that you can carry while travelling to your destination. Try to follow their allowance policy and bring a limited number of bags. If you bring extra luggage than the mentioned allowance, you will have to pay additional charges. So, always try not to load your cart with extra luggage and save yourself from paying extra. 

Set Flight Price Alerts

The flight prices keep fluctuating with time, and, it is difficult to always keep an eye on the airfares and track when they will drop. There is a solution to this problem! You can subscribe to flight price alerts, which will keep you notified whenever there is a drop in flight prices and you can book cheap flights to India with utter ease.

Avoid Flying In Peak Months 

The airfares in the peak months are very high. Festive time is considered to be the peak months, so, you should avoid booking your flight tickets from Canada to India in those months. This is another gamble that can help you save a good amount of money. 

Now, when you have got some of the best hacks to book cheap flights from Canada to India, buckle up for a satisfying tour! Book cheap international flights from Canada with MyTicketsToIndia and enjoy the best deals and offers on your flights. Whether you are booking Toronto to Delhi flights or searching for flights flying from Vancouver to Delhi, we have the best deals for flights flying from all the major states of Canada. Hurry up! Book your tickets now. 


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