Invisalign Vs. Braces: Which Should I Go for?


Orthodontic treatments have become more prevalent in the last ten decades than ever, with more patients seeking ways to straighten their teeth.

If you are among these patients, you can benefit from the two available options: Invisalign or braces.

But the challenge lies in knowing which to choose. In this post, you will learn about the two options and their differences.

Hang on to find out the most suitable treatment for you.

How will I know if I should use Invisalign or braces?

If you do not know the orthodontic treatment to go for, take out some time to consider the factors below. This will guide and help you in making the best result.


If you are more concerned about the aesthetics of your treatment, you will no doubt prefer Invisalign. 

The aligners are clear plastics instead of the conventional brackets and metal wires used in braces.

Also, their appearance is so subtle that no one will notice you have orthodontic treatment. This makes it possible for you to straighten your teeth without people knowing. This will be an excellent idea for you if you spend more time in front of the camera or doing public speaking.

However, if you are not so concerned about having metals in your mouth, you can comfortably go for traditional metal braces. In fact, some people love the way they look on braces. In some part of the world, wearing braces is a trendy fashion.


Are you concerned about the changes that braces will bring to your speech? 

Some people notice that they speak with a lisp when using traditional metal braces. Though this is usually the problem during the onset of the treatment, your speech will get better when your get used to the braces.

However, if your job or daily routine demands that you speak face to face with customers or other people, or you have to do a frequent presentation for work, this can become a severe problem.

In this case, you can go for Invisalign, which are more subtle and slim-line. They offer fewer chances of causing a lisp.


Orthodontic treatments are known to be inconvenient. It usually requires that you step up your oral health routine and visit the practice more often. This is why you need to choose a treatment that is more suitable for your lifestyle.

If you want to go for braces, be ready to have regular visits to the orthodontist for frequent adjustment of the metal wires. During these appointments, they will ensure that your treatment process is going smoothly.

You will also need to ensure that you are proactive about your oral health. Since it is easy for food to get stuck in the wires and brackets, you must remove them immediately. If not, bacteria and plaques will build-up, therefore, leading to tooth discolouration and eventually decay.

The routine is usually different with Invisalign. However, you still need to have a strict cleaning routine, though this one will be in another way.

You need to take off your Invisalign trays before eating and when you are done, brush your teeth before wearing them again. This means that you will need to keep a toothbrush and paste with you all the time. 

As a bonus, Invisalign does not hinder your diet – you won’t need to avoid chewy or sticky foods for fear of getting them stuck in your month. You will also need to take out your braces before you drink anything other than water.

Another benefit of Invisalign is that your visit to the dentist will not be the same as those using braces. You can receive your trays in bulk and not have to pick them up one after the other. 


The gums and mouth can easily be irritated by braces during the first fitting, leading to sores.

You can solve this problem by applying orthodontic wax or plastic covers over the top of the braces. This will become a barrier that makes the treatment less painful.

However, Invisalign is made of smooth plastic material, and patients who use it do not get to face the issue of soreness. 

This does not mean that the Invisalign process is ultimately pain-free; there is some level of pain associated with orthodontic treatments. Since the teeth will be moving to a new position, it already sounds like a pain. So, you need to choose a treatment that is more comfortable than braces.

You will likely feel some discomfort when you start wearing your first set of Invisalign trays, and there will be some tightness when you change to a new set. But after your teeth start moving for a while, the discomfort will subside.


Invisalign cannot be used to treat every orthodontic case. That means that it is not suitable for everybody. 

Though it can treat crossbites, underbites, overbites, teeth crowding, and other teeth placement issues, it is not always effective to treat severe conditions. For instance, Invisalign may not be suitable for rotating teeth that have been displaced or closing large gaps between teeth.

If you have a complex case, talk to your dentist, and they will recommend the most suitable treatment option for you.


The cost is like the most significant difference between Invisalign and braces.

Between braces and Invisalign, Invisalign is the most expensive. This has made many patients go for braces because they find it challenging to meet up the budget of Invisalign.

If you have a little amount to spend on orthodontic treatment, using braces can be a better fit. But if you wouldn’t mind spending a bit more to get the smile of your dreams, you can go for Invisalign. 

You will realise that the results are usually worth the cost.


Braces usually take about 24 months to complete treatment before they are entirely removed from your mouth. 

Invisalign, on the other, can do the work more quickly. For most treatment, you will likely spend about a year for the treatment. Milder cases can be treated within six months.

Meanwhile, note that treatment is not the same for everyone so does the duration.

Straighten your teeth effectively

Are you ready to straighten your teeth? Choose between the Invisalign and braces. If you cannot make a choice now, your dentist will help you.

It is vital to choose the right orthodontist to handle your treatment. At Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, we have a professional health team that provides top-notch invisalign treatment in London to patients in our state-of-the-art facility.


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