Can You Use Human Conditioner On Dogs

Can You Use Human Conditioner On Dogs

Like humans, dogs need conditioner to look fresh and shiny. But that doesn’t mean you can use any conditioner on them. If you love your canine friend, you must be wary about whether you can use human conditioners on dogs.

Dogs do not have the same skin as humans. Thus, human products cannot be friendly to them. Especially human shampoos, conditioners, soaps, etc. can make them feel irritated. If you see, dog conditioners are lighter than human conditioners, as dogs have delicate skin.

In this article, we will cover conditioners you can use for your dogs and how to apply them.

Can you use conditioner on dogs?

Your dog loves to play around your yard and garden area. Most often, it gets dirty after playing. For instance, dogs get muddy sometimes. Also, the outer dust can get on their fur and damage silky, soft hair.

Well, there are shampoos and conditioners available for dogs. They help maintain their furs’ moisture. Our concern is whether we can use conditioner on our dogs. The answer is yes. We know

Grooming products for dogs, like conditioners, have ingredients that suit dogs’ PH levels and allergens. It is always a yes if you use conditioner or any products meant for dogs. Fur Love sells authentic shampoos, conditioners, and other dog products. You can buy from there.

Can you use human conditioner on dogs?

No, human conditioners are not the perfect cleaning agents for dogs. Human conditioners are for humans. They have all the ingredients that suit human skin. Dogs do not have skin like us.


Our normal PH is 5.5 to 6.5, whereas dogs have a pH of 6.2 to 7.4. Our pH is a bit acidic, and dogs’ pH is neutral. Dogs may feel irritated when using a product that complements their acidic skin.

Difference between dog conditioner and human conditioner

You cannot use a human conditioner on a dog; you must use a dog conditioner. Why? There must be a difference between these two conditioners.

As dogs have a neutral pH balance, manufacturers make their grooming products with a lighter texture. Meanwhile, dog conditioners are light enough to suit a dog’s sensitive skin. Human conditioners feel heavy compared to that.

Have you ever thought, Why can’t we use adult conditioner on babies? Because babies have a neutral pH balance and sensitive skin. Dogs also fall into the same group. Applying human conditioners to dogs will be as risky as applying adult conditioners to babies.

Risks Of Using Human Conditioners On Dogs

Since human conditioners are not good for dogs, they can lead to potential risks.

A human conditioner can make your pooch’s skin dry and flaky. He will feel like scratching his body, which can cause abrasions. Also, excessive scratching can lead to rashes and sores on the body.

Some pet dogs are allergic to human products or anything else. Their sensitive bodies can make them curious after a bath with a human conditioner. If you don’t want your canine friend to experience such problems, avoid using a human conditioner on them.

What Ingredients To Seek And Avoid In A Dog Conditioner?

We dog owners don’t want to compromise anything while shopping for our dogs. Although dog conditioners work great, you must not avoid checking their ingredients.

Firstly, look for nourishing ingredients. Such as coconut oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, honey, shea butter, etc. If your dog’s skin is too sensitive, use an oatmeal-based conditioner.


Also, know which ingredients you must avoid in your dog’s conditioner. Well, sulphate is an unwanted ingredient in shampoos and conditioners. It not only dries out human skin but also animal skin.

How To Use Conditioners On Dogs?

Hopefully, you are using a dog conditioner for your canine friend. It will be much better if you use it correctly. Here are some steps to follow:

  • First, shower your dog with clean water.
  • Apply shampoo to its skin and massage the whole body. It will get the grime and dirt out.
  • Rinse your dog with water again to run out the shampoo.
  • Apply a thin coat of conditioner to your dog’s wet fur. Give a gentle massage as well.
  • After 2 to 5 minutes, wash away the conditioner and make your dog dry with a towel.

Alternatives Of Dog Conditioner

After applying shampoo to your dog’s hair, it will lose its natural oils. So conditioning is a must for them. But what if you don’t have a dog conditioner? Don’t worry; you can use its alternatives. We know

Coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil are some of the best moisturising products. They do the job of conditioning as well.

After you wash your husky with shampoo, dry him up with a towel. Then take a few drops of oil and apply it all over your dog’s fur. It is just like applying a hair serum.

Can You Use Human Conditioner On Dogs

Dogs have a neutral pH balance and sensitive skin, and so do babies. Human or adult conditioners are harsh, but baby conditioners are gentle. So they won’t affect a dog’s skin. If you don’t have a dog conditioner right now, you can use a baby conditioner instead.


Frequently Asked Questions On Can You Use Human Conditioner On Dogs

Do dogs need conditioners?

To clean your canine friend, you will use a shampoo, for sure. Whether it is about washing your pooch with shampoo or water alone, it will strip away his natural oils. To keep your dog’s fur looking silky and shiny, you must use a conditioner.

Can I use all-natural conditioners on my dog?

Yes, you can use organic conditioners that have natural ingredients. They won’t leave any side effects on a dog’s skin but rather nourish the hair and make it shiny.

What are the best dog conditioners?

Here is a list of some amazing dog conditioners you can try.

  • Bark2Basics d-Mat Dog Conditioner
  • Pupper Conditioner
  • Honest Paws Dog Conditioner
  • Doggie Dailies Dog Conditioner
  • ZOOP Complete Dog Conditioner
  • Martha Stewart Itch Relief Conditioner

How can I condition my dog’s hair naturally?

You can condition your dog’s hair with a simple home remedy. Take a whole egg, beat it and whisk it properly. Then mix a few drops of coconut oil into it. Then apply the egg mixture all over your dog’s hair.

Wrapping Up

Your dog’s fur will not only look shiny because of the conditioner but also because of a healthy lifestyle. So whether you are using a conditioner or not, make sure your canine friend is fit.

It doesn’t matter if you have a dog conditioner or not; don’t apply a human conditioner to your dog. You may have seen some dog owners use human conditioner on their dogs. But you never know if your pet is allergic to it or not.

Stay on the safe side and use products for your dog that are safe for him.


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