Tips To Buy Rolex Lady Datejust


Rolex lady is an elegant sophisticated watch that is the perfect blend of classic and contemporary designs. Rolex lady Datejust has a plethora of great design elements that are perfect for all stylish ladies who want to wear something classy, yet contemporary. Tips to buy this watch includes;

  1. The dial

Its white face with yellow gold Roman numeral creates a timeless look so that you can wear this watch at any time of the day. This is a perfect watch for both formal and informal settings. It’s very feminine and is a great dress watch for special occasions.

  1. The band/bracelet

The bracelet has a pink gold PVD finish and white diamonds embedded in the links of the bracelet to increase its sparkle. It is very comfortable and gives a luxurious look and feel to the wearer.

  1. The case:

The case is made of 18k rose gold with diamonds set all around it. This helps add value further to your watch and makes it look more valuable. The winding crown is made from the same material so you can wind up the Rolex lady Datejust watch effortlessly without any repercussions or damage occurring to your watch throughout times of usage. The case is 34mm and has a convenient size which makes it easy to wear on all occasions.

  1. The signature Rolex 3131 movement:

The Rolex 3131 is the signature movement of Rolex, which allows you to tell time with ease as the mechanism is very easy to operate. It also comes with an additional hand that tracks the seconds so that you are able to keep accurate time and not have to guess at all what time it is. It’s a very reliable Rolex lady Datejust that keeps very accurate timing and does not require any batteries for it to operate. This makes it last for longer periods of time without causing any damage or malfunctioning of the watch itself over time.

  1. The water resistance:

This watch is waterproof up to 330 feet and is suitable for swimming, showering, and any other water-related activities. This makes it very convenient and useful for everyday wear as you can rely on it in the case of any emergency or accident. It’s safe to use Rolex lady Datejust watch while engaging in outdoor activities such as playing sports, gardening, and even during your daily commute. This makes it a very versatile watch that can be used during all occasions and help ensure your safety during them all.

  1. The warranty:

The watch has a 10-year limited warranty and this is provided by the manufacturer so that you can have peace of mind that your watch will be protected in case of an accident or malfunction. This also ensures that your watch will last for many years without any problems occurring. Most people who buy this watch are very happy with their purchase as it lasts for many years without any problems occurring to it, which means you will not have to worry about breaking it or damaging it in any way over time.


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