Tips on Saving on Your Electricity Energy Usage


When you turn on lights, use your appliances and charge your devices, you’re using electricity. There are many uses of electricity in the home, and you can save a lot on your living costs by monitoring how much you’re using. With the most recent electricity price in Singapore getting high, it’s no wonder that a lot of Singaporeans are becoming more conscious about their electricity consumption and are seeking ways to save on their electricity bill. Here are some key tips of using electricity wisely in order to help you save your hard-earned cash:

Make use of power strips for multiple electronic devices

When it comes to electronics that use up a lot of electricity like televisions, computers, and other white products, it is best that you get yourself a power strip. A power strip essentially is an extension cord that comes with an on/off switch. You can plug all your electronic devices into the strip and switch on and off the power strip itself. This allows you to regulate the amount of electricity that is being consumed by each device.

Set your air-con to a lower temperature

Air-con is a key feature in Singapore homes, especially during the humid and hot months, where we can see it being used up regardless of how many vents or fans one has installed. With all the passing cars and pollution in Singapore, it shouldn’t be surprising if you find yourself using up quite a lot of electricity on your air-con. So, it’s best to set your air-con to a lower temperature and you’ll still be able to survive the heat.

Turn off appliances when they’re not in use

It is surprising how many people still leave their adapters plugged in even when they aren’t using them. This results in more wastage of electricity and unnecessary spending on your electricity bill. If you’re not using your appliances, it is best to turn them off and unplug them. A power strip will be helpful in this matter as you can shut down all your gadgets simultaneously.

Opt for Energy Efficient Appliances

If you’re looking to cut down on your electricity bills and save a lot of money, you should look into purchasing energy-efficient appliances. There are many appliances nowadays that are more energy efficient than the traditional ones and they’re actually pretty cheap. So go ahead and swap out your old appliances for these newer more efficient ones.

Avoid Overstaying in the Shower

A quick shower can really help you in waking you up, but it is surprising how many people waste water by staying under the water for too long. If you’re looking to cut down on your costs, then try to avoid spending more time than necessary inside the shower. Opting for a quick 5-minute shower instead of bathing for 20 minutes will make a huge difference if you’re looking to save on your electricity bill.

As you can see, there are ways to save on your electricity bill by knowing how much you’re using and also switching out less efficient appliances. These tips are simple ways of looking at how you can save on your electricity bill, which is a very common problem in Singapore. There’s no reason why you should be paying over 30% for a single unit of electricity when you can easily cut down our usage and still enjoy all the modern conveniences that we have today.



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