Sophie Brussaux

Sophie Brussaux

Who is Sophie Brussaux?

Sophie Brussaux is a talented Model and an outstanding Painter. Besides this, Sophie Brussaux is the mother of Drake’s son Adonis Graham. The lady has pleased everyone  with her immense art skills and has shown herself in music video series named “Rosee Divine.” The lady has exhibited her talent through her magnificent artistic Skills.

The early life  of Sophie Brussaux:

Place of birth:

She was born in the city of France on 1 August 1989. Sophie Brussaux is currently 33 years old.

Education :

She has completed 2 degrees. One degree is in Wealth  Management, and the other is in International Affairs. She has profound knowledge of Financial management and foreign n affairs. She has grown up in her career along with her professional education.

Physical Features of Sophie:

·        Height and weight :

Sophie’s  Height is 5 feet 9 inches. She currently has 73 kg weight.

  • Other Features :

She owns long, dark brown color hair. And has brown eyes along with a gorgeous and well-maintained physique.

Sophie’s  Net worth :

She is approximately worth 1 million US dollars. She earns from her paintings. His baby daddy Drake’s worth is roughly $250 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Sophie’s son Adonis Graham:

The debut of Adonis:

Sophie is the mother of Drake’s son Adonis Graham. The adorable debut of Adonis Graham on Instagram with his superstar Dad and his painter mom is gaining the attention of everyone.

Drake’s track about his son:

The middle name of Drake’s  son is also present in one of his tracks, and lyrics include, “I only love my bed and my momma, I’m  Sorry.”

The baby has a series of curled hair photos on Instagram as its debut.

Sophie frequently posts pics of her son and is highly appreciated by her followers. 

Brussaux’s Art:

Sophie’s art pieces have often been displayed in London, Dubai, Toronto, Milan, and Paris. She has fame in these places for her artwork like nobody else in the town. Earlier, she was an Adult film star, but finally, she made her career through Painting. Her paintings eventually got famous in no time.

Artist name of Sophie :

She uses Sophie B. as her artist name. Sophie calls herself a feminist, and this feminism is reflected in her paintings. The artist perfectly blends symbolism, surrealism, and pop art. She has captured renowned people such as Frida Kahlo, the Obamas, Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Winehouse, and more. Sophie has a website where she millions herself as an award-winning artist who captures her  Cultural Fascination and Social Paradigms with Symbols and Colors.

Artist name of Sophie :

Sophie’s art on Inspiring Women:

Sophie is an influential Feminist and strongly believes in Women’s Empowerment. She expresses her feminism through her paintings. Sophie Brussaux is eager about socio-political movements regarding females.

Sophie’s organization, “Arts Help.”

She founded a non-profit organization called “Arts Help.” She is the founder and director of this organization.

This is a non-profit organization which is offering free of cost master classes and publishes the content of artists belonging to all disciplines and on all platforms. The artists of this organization are making a difference with their arts And crafts, thus changing the mindset of people.

Art Help is the world’s renowned art publisher having 2.5 million members. Sophie and her whole team of this organization received an award from an exhibition held in Toronto. UN-Habitat Global Advocate gave the award

Sophie’s meeting with Pope Francis:

Date and Place of meeting:

Sophie met Pope Francis during the year 2019 at the Vatican. She gifted him the portrait that she painted for the Pope.  Sophie shared the pics of this meeting on her Instagram account.

Details of painting:

The green color in her painting symbolizes Hope. She also used Red color in this painting of her which implies “fighting poverty .” Pop was pleased with this effort and gesture of Sophie Brussaux.

Sophie Brussaux’s  Instagram Profile:

Sophie is very much active on Instagram. She posted almost 464 posts, and she has a fan base of 625k followers. Her Instagram profile is

“Sophie knows better. ”Besides this, she is using another Instagram page for her paintings.

Sophie Brussaux’s  Instagram Profile:

She posts pics of his cute son frequently.

How did Sophie meet Drake?

Sophie and Drake met each other in the year 2017. According to reports in “The  Sun,” both took pics together at a Japanese Restaurant in Amsterdam on January 24, 2017. They were spotted with a group of friends. At the same time, Drake was spending quality time with Ain’t Your Mama’s Singer Jenifer Lopez. In May 2017, TMZ reported acquiring some messages between Brussaux and Drake. The statements disclosed that Drake wanted Sophie to go for an abortion.

Drake and Sophie’s son came into the world in the same month as Drake. He celebrated his son’s  birthday and named his label “October’s very own.”

Sophie’s  Passion for Science fiction and Technology :

Although The painter portrays feminism through her paintings, she has some artwork related to Modern science fiction and technology. She involves science fiction characters, such as Darth Vader’s helmet on women’s bodies. On her official website of paintings, Sophie says that she eagerly uses science fiction with symbols in her artwork.

 Sophie’s work with  The United Nations:

Many arts here are based on the goals and objectives set forth by The United Nations, such as the Clean Water campaign, Zero hunger, and Tender equality. She has done partnerships in Canada with United Nations. The title of her exhibition was Icons with a purpose.

Rough patch between Sophie and Drake:

 Although Sophie and Drake are called parenting their child very well, there was a time when t, their relationship went through aa tough time, but they made it up, and now they are co-parenting on good terms. Drake didn’t believe he was the father of her child. Besides this, Sophie claimed in an interview that Drake asked her to abort the baby but is now in favor of parenting. After the confirmation, Drake We both were responsible for this because he found the proof and was excited to welcome the baby wholeheartedly.

Sophie was an Adult Star :

·        Sophie’s name as Adult Star:

Sophie is now famous as a painter, but before this, she was an adult film star. She used the name, Rosee Divine.

·        Sophie left Adult Industry:

Sophie left the adult world and is now astonishing to everyone with her painting skills all over the globe.

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Conclusion :

Undoubtedly Sophie Brussaux is a lady with good education and, most importantly, has magnificent painting skills. As a result, she is being praised nationally and internationally for her painting.


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