Lil Tjay Shot

Lil Tjay Shot


 Lil Tjay Shot “ has become a hot topic in the past two months since the rapper was shot. Higher authorities have keenly investigated the case of “Lil Tjay Shot. ” Lil Tjay recently posted a video on Instagram in which he told about his recovery from the shot wounds. Furthermore, he told his fans he would post a new music video as he recovered. The rapper seemed energetic and confident about his recovery, and he will soon return to work.

Who is Lil Tjay?

AfterLil Tjay Shot,” people eagerly took an interest in him. Lil Tjay is a renowned American singer and a talented rapper. He got famous in 2018 with his music album” Resume. ” Also, Lil Tjay signed with Colombia records in the same year.

Who is Lil Tjay?

Lil Tjay Shot:

When was Lil Tjay Shot?

Lil Tjay was with his friend in the local shopping Plaza when he was suddenly attacked in June 2022.

Furthermore, police called this case a case of  Rivalry Shooting.

Botched Robbery:

The investigating authorities have declared this incident a botched robbery. In addition Burgen County prosecutors identified the suspect. His name is Mohamed Kona.

The demand for Valuable Items:

The robbers asked for jewelry and other valuable items, and shot him several times.

How many times was Lil Tjay Shot?

The attacker shot the rapper seven times in multiple places of his body. He was taken to the emergency where he underwent Emergency surgery.

Lil Tjay’s friend shot :

When the rapper was Shot, He was with his 22 years old friend Antoine Boyd. In the incident, the attacker shot his friend once, but he was comparatively stable.

Doctors gave emergency treatment to him, and he recovered very soon.

The Critical condition of Lil Tjay:

The surgery was complicated as he got injuries to vital organs of the body, but he survived.

The rapper was in critical condition after being shot seven times.

Recovery after Surgery:

Tjay was recovering day by day. In addition to this, he asked for a music video after getting rescued. He seems enthusiastic about his recovery. In addition to this, Lil Tjay made his fans happy by telling them that he would release more music videos.

Lil Tjay’s s Recent Music Video:

After recovery, the rapper released a music video ‘beat the odds,” in which he talks about  His recovery from Gunshots.

Lil Tjay’s s Recent Music Video:

The phrase beat the odds means” to succeed despite of severe trouble.” As a rapper, Due to rivalry, he released a music video as an answer to his bravery against his enemies.

Personal life details of Lil Tjay:

As we have discussed the article’s main topic, let’s now discuss the personal details and career of Lil Tjay.

Birth name:

Although the rapper uses Lil Tjay his name, his original name is  Tioni Jayden Merritt .

Date and Place of Birth :

He was born on 30th April 2001 in The Bronx, New York, United States.

He is currently  21 years old.


His single mother raised him.  He has two siblings; both are older.

The Early Life of Lil Tjay:

Lil Tjay has described himself as a problematic Child.  He often used to get involved in robberies. His fellows reported him many times at his school for indulging in brutal School fights.

Tjay’s life in Imprisonment :

At the age of 15, Police arrested him in case of several robberies and sent him to the detention center for him a whole year. In the detention center, He started writing raps. Therefore we can say that Lil Tjay’s problematic personality in childhood made him a  talented rapper.

Lil Tjay’s Love Life :

Tjay’s New Girlfriend:

Lil Tjay’s girlfriend’s name is Lala Baptiste.

She is a Model and originally belonged to Atlanta. Lala showed interest in one of Tjay’s music albums. As a result, Fans suspected that both were in relation.

Tjay’s Ex-Girlfriend:

Before  Lala, Tjay dated a fellow rapper, “Rubi.” Rubi and Lala were best friends

But after a dispute with Rubi in 2019, they broke up.

After some time, Lala unfollowed Tjay. She was asked for an interview about this incident, on which Lala suggested people to stay in their lanes.

The Career of Lil Tjay:

Tjay’s first album on Sound Cloud:

The rapper initially started his career by releasing Albums on Sound Cloud. His first album was released on the Sound Cloud app in 2016. The album’s name was  Resume.

As we all know that Sound Cloud  Is the largest community of:

  • Artists
  • BJ’s
  • Bands
  • Audio creators

Beginning of Career :

The rapper started his career in 2018.

His genres include  :

  • Hip hop
  • Trap, drill
  • R&B.

He has been active in his career from 2016 to the present. The boy shocked everyone with his fantastic music videos at such a young age. As a result, he got immense love and respect from his fans all over the globe.

Debut Studio Album :

The name of   Tjay’s  Debut Studio Album is ” Love 2 myself.” It was released in  2019  and received immense love from his fans.

Columbia Records released the album. The producers of the album were :

  • NagraNick Cavalieri
  • Protegé Beatz
  • Made

Tjay’s work with  Producer CashMoneyAP:

He worked with  producer CashMoneyAp In July 2018 and released an album, “None of your love.”

His album got famous All of a sudden. In the album, the singer talks about the separation from love emotions in a perfect blend of words with soothing beats.

State Of Emergency album:

The album came to his fans on  18th May 2020. This album was based on heavy drill music, which is among the most liked music in New York City.

Tjay’s  Artistry :

He Incorporates auto-tune in his songs. In an interview, the boy revealed that the music of Drake Meek Mill influences him.

The singer has embedded his past problems in music.

Tjay credits his success to the year he spent in imprisonment.

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In conclusion, about “Lil Tjay Shot, “He recovered now, but the attacker shot him severely in rivalry. The rapper has strong willpower and is ready to face his enemies, and besides this, he pleases his fans with his exceptional rapping skills.


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