Planning To Move To Canada? Whom Should You Pick A Lawyer Or Consultant?

canada immigration consultants
canada immigration consultants

If you are planning to migrate to Canada, you must know that the process can be made easier by choosing the options most suitable for you. While applying for a visa and representing your case, you have two options, namely (i) Canadian immigration consultants and (ii) Canadian immigration lawyers. While both kinds of professionals provide the same service, there are a few significant differences between the two.

Following are the areas in which the two services differ:

1. Educational Qualification

Immigration consultants in Canada have to go through 6 months to 1 year course and sit through an exam that certifies them to work as a Canada immigration consultants. Some places require the candidate to have an ongoing university degree, while others do not have that prerequisite. On the other hand, immigration lawyers must have gone through law school and passed the bar exam. Moreover, in some law schools, a graduate degree is a prerequisite for admission. If you go for an immigration lawyer, you have the added benefit that they can represent you legally in court in case of complications through your application process.

2. Subject Expertise

While immigration lawyers acquire vast amounts of legal knowledge through law school, immigration consultants get enough training and understanding of the field through the relevant course. Moreover, there are more than 60 programs for immigration. It is practically impossible for anyone to be an expert in all of them. For example, while one professional can be an expert in matters of work permits, the other can be an expert in Canadian PR requirements. Ultimately, it depends on the professional as to how good they are in their field.

3. Regulatory Authorities

Immigration lawyers, like other lawyers, are regulated and certified by the judicial bar and legal authorities. After writing the bar exam, the candidate is allowed to practice with a license. On the other hand, Canadian immigration consultants are regulated by a body called the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants or CICC. After completing the course, the CICC gives a specific number to the professional who licenses them to work as a consultant. While you are figuring out the kind of service you want to opt for applying for your visa, make sure that you don’t fall prey to fraud. If you go for consultants, look out for the CICC number. Whereas, if you go for lawyers, ensure they have the license to practice.

4. Service Cost

It is evident that the professional who has gone through a more significant number of years in training will charge more for their services. Therefore, an immigration lawyer is more likely to charge more than an immigration consultant for services that help you get accustomed to the canada pr requirement. However, this is not true for all. As mentioned before, it depends on the individual’s expertise and the quality of services they provide.

Moving to another country can be a challenging and worrisome process, but if you approach it in a smart and informed manner, it can be a smooth ride. Before applying for a Canadian visa and presenting your case, seeking advice from a professional like an immigration lawyer or a Canadian immigration consultant might be helpful. Screen the professional based on the aspects mentioned above, and you will be good to go.


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