How to get SBI Mini Statement by Toll-free number, Missed Call & SMS

SBI Mini Statement

Your SBI mini statement has detailed information on all your transactions. The mini statement is a standard document for users to analyse their recent transactions. People usually visit their bank or the bank atm to obtain a mini-statement. You can obtain the SBI mini-statement using straightforward approaches if your cell phone is in the bank database. The best option is the SBI Bank statement on mobile. However, if the number is not in the bank’s database, take steps to update it as soon as possible. Post updation, you may choose the following options:

Mini-statement Via a Missed Call: The SBI Missed Call service helps you to check SBI Bank statement on mobile rapidly. Give a miss call from your registered number, and you will receive your mini-statement in an SMS. This service is free of an internet connection; thus, it is one of the simplest ways available.

Mini Statement Via SMS Banking: For this method, you can send an SMS by entering “MSTMT” and send it to 09223866666 via your bank-registered number. The bank will send information about your most recent five transactions.

Importance Of A Registered Mobile Number

Registration of a mobile phone is necessary to access the SBI statement because only the registered phone number is eligible to use the SBI Statement service. Therefore, the users register their mobile numbers during the account-opening application. However, if you missed out on it, you can still register the mobile number by following the below-listed steps.

Write down your account number and message the bank to register the mobile number using SBI Quick for mini statement services. It is a free service from SBI that offers enormous benefits. The message format to register the number is:

REG <blank space>Account number 

Send the message to 09223488888. This will register your cellphone number with SBI for future reference.

Steps to obtain the SBI Mini Statement via a missed call

SBI Savings Account customers can place a missed call to 09223866666 to get their SBI Mini Statement. The instructions below help the user obtain their SBI Statement. –

  • Dial the number 09223866666- SBI Statement hotline.
  • After two rings, the platform will disconnect the call.
  • Instantly the bank platform will send an SMS with your SBI Statement with the last five transactions.

Steps to obtain the SBI Mini Statement via SMS

The user can receive the SBI account mini statement by sending a Scheduled SMS. This SBI Mini Statement will include information on the previous five transactions from the Savings Account. Follow the given steps:

  • Step 1: To receive an SBI Statement via SMS banking, type the message “MSTMT”
  • Step 2: Send it to 09223866666.
  • Step 3: receive and go through the SBI statement with the last five transaction details.

If you, as an SBI account holder, maintain numerous accounts, you can register only one of those accounts with SBI Quick at any given time.

Advantages of the SMS and Missed Call Service 

The SBI Bank statement on mobile service can benefit the customers in various ways. A few of these advantages are listed below:

  • Customers do not have to depend upon the internet to get bank account statements. It negates the overdependency on the SBI online banking services.
  • This method makes monitoring the account with these statements (the latest five transactions from the account) quicker and easier.
  • The bank visits are fewer, and the user gets the essential information in less time and effort.
  • It is a smooth, stress-free, easily understandable, and straightforward approach.


The mini-statement via the missed call and SMS is an efficient and seamless process. You just need to worry about the prerequisite, which is registering your number with the bank and then it’s a roller-coaster ride with constant information easily obtainable. 


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