Kareo vs CharmHealth: A Thorough Price Analysis


Price is the first thing care providers look at when looking for reliable EHR options. It’s not about features, but about money. As the saying goes money buys happiness and freedom, practitioners follow it as they know investment drives handsome returns. If you have $50 in your pocket and you go spending $70, it will put you on a tight financial leash. Same for healthcare platforms. You have to spend wisely according to your pocket. 

When it comes to affordability, Charmhealth and Kareo EMR come to mind. Thousands of clinicians approve the pricing plans of these EHR vendors. But here, we have to find out if they fall within your budget range or not. Before going onwards with this Kareo vs Charmhealth price guide, we recommend you get a rough estimate of your clinical practice. It is because there are plenty of options out there, from small to enterprise-scale practices. It is not likely that these two will satisfy your pricing requirements. 

It is just a trivial effort from our end to present to you the two most affordable solutions in the user’s opinion. You can follow the same process presented in the subsequent paras to evaluate the cost structure of any other EHR software. So, now that we have got you in the loop let’s get straight to the point. Let’s begin the price assessment of Kareo vs Charmhealth software and see where it leads you to. 

Kareo EMR Price Analysis:

As we are talking about the price analysis, Kareo is indeed a great EMR to evaluate. This robust platform has not only shared its cost bundles but also the pricing policy. As a result, one can easily understand what he will be charged for training, data migration, and various other add-on services. 

Pricing Policy:

Now is the time to get a detailed insight into the pricing policy of Kareo EMR. 

  • First things first, reviews suggest that Kareo wins the heart of users by featuring exclusive bundles for physician and non-physician care providers. 
  • The fee charged by Kareo is determined by the subscription level and specialty chosen. 
  • The fee charged by Kareo EMR is non-refundable and is charged on the first of every month. 
  • Kareo EMR charges a separate cost as an onboarding fee. It is a one-time investment. 
  • The minimum amount of $150 is charged to all active members. 
  • Moreover, the amount charged monthly can be changed with prior notice if a practitioner exceeds his current claims limit. 
  • All the monthly subscription plans are inclusive of customer support services. 
  • ERA and insurance verification services are included in all cost plans of Kareo EMR. 
  • Lastly, Kareo EMR charges a one-time implementation fee for e-prescription service, even applauded in the reviews.  

Cost Bundles:

Here’s all about the cost bundles offered by Kareo to see if it’s really a cost-effective option. 

Kareo is a comprehensive software catering to over 45 medical specialties in over 50 states. In addition, 150,000 active users and 75000 care providers are using Kareo, so there’s a significant chance its cost plans are drafted accordingly. 

Kareo offers a dialogue box asking for provider specialty,  number of providers, provider type, and product of interest whenever a client requests cost bundles. It is to deliver to-the-point bundles customized accordingly to meet the clinical requirements effortlessly. The best part about the tailor-made cost bundles by Kareo EMR is they offer standard and low-volume billing options. 

The main point of interest here in this Kareo vs CharmHealth comparison is the pricing bundles of Kareo. So here it is! Kareo EMR offers four cost bundles. 

Clinical Essential

Billing Essential 



These bundles come at a meager price. At least, that’s what the user reviews state. The price range of Kareo starts from as low as $199 to as high as $624. These bundles are created to modernize the practices with a customer-centric approach so they can grow at their own pace. 

Charm EMR Price Analysis:

Let’s set on the future endeavor by exploring the pricing bundles of Charm EHR. Unlike Kareo there’s nothing much to explore in the price analysis of CharmHealth. This platform offers three all-inclusive cost plans with integrated EHR, PM, and RCM services. The pricing policy of Charm EMR is not made public; it is just disclosed to its potential clients. So, we can’t help you with this. You can learn the delicate details only by making a purchasing decision.

Cost Bundles:

There’s something in the air about the pricing bundles of Charm EMR that attract clients. We explored the reviews of Charm EMR to discover what it is. We concluded that this vendor is the heart of physicians for how it features a cost-free bundle. 


Free Bundle:

It is an encounter-based bundle limited to just 50 encounters. But this is worth millions for small practices as they can stand firm to their ground by gaining and engaging patients. This way, they can score quite good revenue without having to spend a dime.


Flexi Bundle:

After having sufficient resources, medical practices can level up their game by going for encounter-based plans. Charm EMR charges $0.5 for its flexi pricing bundles, which are applicable for unlimited users. 


Fixed Plan:

Then there’s a fixed plan for practices with a high patient influx. It costs $350 per provider, which is half the price range of Kareo. It is equipped with endless clinical functionalities to nurture streamlined practices. 

Salient Points of CharmHealth Price Structure:

No hidden costs are charged as CharmHealth preaches transparency. 

Additionally, disaster recovery programs are included in all subscription packages to tackle uncertain situations. 

Over 15 add-on services like immunization registry are available for varying costs that work best for scalable practices. 

Automatic system updates are included in all the pricing bundles, whereas the live chat service is not offered in the free plan. 

One crucial thing to remember is that Charm EMR pricing bundles are exclusive of the tax charges. 

In this Kareo vs CharmHealth comparison, Charm EMR is apparently way more affordable than Kareo, but according to the reviews, Kareo EMR is more cost-effective. It is because its feature portfolio is quite diverse. So keeping all these points in mind, make a potent decision and choose the one EMR that falls in your budget range. 


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