Inogen G5 system and accessories

Inogen G5 system

With regards to oxygen concentrators, Inogen, Inc. is an organization that consistently puts out greatly credible and durable products. The most recent item in their “G” series of compact oxygen concentrators is the Inogen One G5. It is only one illustration of how their persistent effort and development have worked on adding value to the lives of innumerable respiratory patients throughout the planet. 

To assist you to get you a better insight regarding the Inogen One G5, we’ve assembled the article. It will equip you with some of the intriguing and conceivably lesser-known realities about it. Moreover, you’ll have the option to settle on a more good choice about which concentrator is appropriate for you. 

In case you have any inquiries or worries about oxygen concentrators, it is better to talk with a respiratory expert. He will attempt to comprehend your necessities and adjust you to the unit that will best serve you in the long haul. With the utilization of Inogen One G5, you’ll have a lot of space to breathe on the off chance that your excursion endures longer than you anticipated.

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The Inogen One G5 provides the maximum oxygen per pound for a convenient oxygen concentrator available today. With its minimal and lightweight layout, the Inogen One G5 gives differing stream settings from 1-6. Moreover, it is intended for 24-hour use. It, as a result, drastically expands your patients’ autonomy. This current POC’s UI has been planned with simple-to-peruse LCD presentations and basic control capacities.

Inogen G5 Accessories

The Inogen One G5 is the most recent convenient oxygen concentrator in the Inogen series. The G5 is a heartbeat stream machine implying that it distinguishes your breathing. In addition to this, it possibly conveys oxygen when you breathe in rather than consistent stream concentrators that convey a steady stream of oxygen.

The G5 follows through on Inogen’s objective to furnish respiratory patients with a solid and amazing oxygen machine. Nevertheless, it permits them to recover their opportunity and freedom. Dissimilar to consistent stream concentrators and oxygen tanks which should be wheeled around on a truck, the G5 can, without much of a stretch, be extended to your shoulder or in a knapsack.

1) The Longest External Battery

Conceivably the most outstanding reality about the Inogen One G5 is that it has the longest outside battery life. It is better than any compact oxygen concentrator at any point delivered. An outside battery is not incorporated into the gadget and can be taken out and supplanted with different batteries. On account of the G5, the outside battery is strategically placed on the lower part of the gadget and can be eliminated by extracting the tab as an afterthought. 

With the twofold battery of 16-cells, the Inogen One G5 can function for around 13 hours on a single charge. That is all that anyone could need to get you through an entire day without expecting to pause and connect it. The lone oxygen concentrators that outperform the battery life of the G5 are those which have inner batteries, in any case, there are various issues with such units.

2) The Lightest Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Another significant measurement of versatile oxygen concentrators is weight. If you somehow managed to investigate oxygen treatment ten years prior, you most likely would’ve never perused the words “lightweight” and “oxygen gadget” in a similar sentence. Notwithstanding, ever since their initiation, convenient oxygen concentrators have made considerable progress in offering a high progression of oxygen without putting on weight in the kits.

3) The Highest Oxygen Output

Carrying a lightweight oxygen concentrator doesn’t mean more on the off chance that it doesn’t offer the oxygen yield that you need. Luckily, the Inogen One G5 can follow through on both and even has the most noteworthy oxygen yield of any heartbeat stream unit for its weight. This means you’re not hefting a lot of pointless loads around. 

Something else this shows is that Inogen is centered around productivity regardless of anything else. They comprehend that with the goal for you to take advantage of your compact oxygen concentrator, it needs to coordinate with your way of life and bear the cost of you the capacity to go where you need and do what you need without burdening you. 

4) Designed for 24/7 Use

On the off chance that you’ve had an electronic gadget, for example, a smartphone or PC kicks the bucket on you previously, you might be hesitant to run your versatile oxygen concentrator every minute of every day. While each machine is unique, the Inogen One G5 and numerous other Inogen concentrators are intended to be utilized round the clock.

Another worth mentioning point for the Inogen One G5 is it’s extraordinary for 24-hour use is that its processor is made to function around 20,000 hours. This is the main piece of the electrical parts of your gadget, and it’s liable for guaranteeing you get a precise bolus of oxygen promptly upon motivation. That is about 2.3 long stretches of determining oxygen use!

5) Mobile Application

Inogen made a workaround for this permitting you to analyze the situation with your concentrator with a device such as a tablet or a cell phone. The Inogen Connect application can be easily downloaded for nothing on one or the other Android or iPhone gadgets. Moreover, it can be easily associated with your Inogen One G5 within minutes.


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