How To Find Your Ideal Accessible Meeting Space in Singapore

Accessible Meeting Space

If you’re planning an event in Singapore, the chances are that you’ll come across a meeting space. The cost of renting a venue is one of the most common hassles that event planners in Singapore face. But what if there’s something wrong with your venue choice? Perhaps it’s physically inaccessible to certain people, or it’s too loud for the needs of your audience. Whatever the case may be, it can be frustrating to find a suitable venue that is accessible to everyone. If you’re having trouble finding an accessible meeting space in Singapore, don’t worry! These tips will help guide you through the process so that you can find a suitable and accessible location for your next event.

Accessible Meeting Spaces

Many people have no idea what “accessible” means, but a venue is considered accessible when it has many things in place to make it easier for people with disabilities to attend your event.

Here are some things that you should look for in an accessible meeting space in Singapore:

-An area specifically designed for wheelchair users.

-A ramp or elevator into the building.

-Transportation services available on the premises.

-Appropriate signage throughout the building.

-Large enough bathrooms and handrails for those who need them.

Selecting an Accessible Venue

You can take several steps to find a suitable and accessible location for your event.

First, think about what your needs are as an event organizer. What is the goal of the meeting? Is it a networking event or a training session? Is it targeted toward a specific audience?

Next, start looking for spaces that meet those particular needs. For example, if you’re looking for an accessible meeting space in Singapore that’s not too loud, consider going to venues like shopping malls and libraries.

If you find the perfect venue in Singapore, make sure that the owner is willing to accommodate your needs and help you with any difficulties!

Key Considerations for Your Venue Choice.

Location. Depending on the type of meeting you’re planning, you’ll need a venue that is accessible to different people. For example, if you want to hold an event where everyone will be seated at a table, you’ll need a venue that has enough space to accommodate each individual chair.

The size of the venue. If your event is large, it’s important to choose an accessible meeting space in Singapore with sufficient space for attendees to move about and see one another. Additionally, larger venues tend to have more accessibility features like ramps and elevators in order to accommodate guests with physical disabilities.

Considerations for all members of your audience.

If your venue choice will include children or seniors in attendance, it’s important to consider their specific needs as well as the needs of other attendees. For example, if there are lots of stairs in your venue, consider installing an elevator or ramp that can accommodate all members of the audience without them having to walk up stairs repeatedly throughout the night.

If you want your event to be accessible for people with disabilities but don’t know how they might attend your event, consult with organizations like Singapore Association for Persons with Disabilities (SAID). SAID can help assist in finding venues for events that are accessible for people with disabilities


When it comes to choosing a venue for your next meeting, it’s important to consider accessibility. If you have a disability, you need to find a space that is accessible for both yourself and all of your attendees. Wait, what? There are places where people with disabilities can go for meetings?

Yes, there are some venues that offer accessibility options—some of which are affordable and easy to find. Make sure to do your research before you make a final decision.



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