Why is VPS the Best Choice for Hosting?

Why VPS Hosting is better?

Before purchasing any web hosting plan, there are a lot of things that you should consider, apart from the prices. 

If you’re planning to purchase a hosting plan to publish your website or launch a web/mobile application, you can choose between shared server, dedicated server and virtual private server.

If you plan to launch an e-commerce website or upgrade your static site to an e-commerce platform which is expected to attract a large amount of web traffic, you should go for VPS hosting. Virtual Private Server or VPS is a hybrid of shared server and dedicated server. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and affordability of VPS.

Read on to know why VPS scores high compared to both dedicated server and shared server.

VPS – The Most Cost-Effective Hosting Environment

VPS hosting virtually provides dedicated server resources on a shared server. Being on a shared server, VPS hosting is lower in cost, yet it provides better customization, control, and security as the user will get a complete standalone operating system with root access. Moreover, VPS gives the freedom to install applications, and configure the environment as per your need.

There are many advantages that come with VPS like: –

Reliability – You have your designated bandwidth and storage space. You don’t need to share your own resources with other. In VPS, hardware is the most important part in delivering reliable services. 

Simple Licensing – VPS licensing costs usually come at a monthly charge. Customers get to know all the costs before purchasing VPS, whether you want Windows operating system with cPanel or Linux VPS server.

What Makes VPS so Affordable?

There are different plans that come under VPS. You can choose according to your hosting requirement. VPS is low in cost because most of the resources use virtual memory. Virtualization uses a disk subsystem for improving performance, stability, and flexibility. One of the best features of VPS is that you only have to pay for what you expect to use. 

VPS hosting basic plans, in fact, are so affordable that many developers and testers use VPS for test-run their applications. While writing code, developers require a live environment to test their code; with VPS developers can test their code or any module that how it will work when it is in the hand of the end-user. Buying a dedicated hosting for testing is very expensive, so developers prefer to go for VPS hosting. Small organizations and start-ups can easily afford VPS for all their beta testing exercises.

If your business requires dedicated hosting but your budget doesn’t allow it, then you should go for VPS hosting. Both hosting plans share the same resources. A basic VPS plan with needed resources is affordable and small organizations or startups can start working using VPS. Purchasing a dedicated hosting plan will cost much higher than VPS prices, not to forget, additional costs like – buying software licenses and paying for managing its resources that are related to maintenance. Dedicated hosting might include other costing like – hardware maintenance, cooling power. Using VPS can save a lot of money and you don’t need to worry about hardware maintenance. 


VPS has created a new revolution on the internet by providing low-cost alternate to dedicated hosting without compromising on efficiency and security. It’s advisable that always purchase VPS from a hosting company located in a geography that is expected to provide you the maximum web traffic. There are lot of IT companies like Go4hosting, DigitalOcean etc. that offer VPS with multiple combination of plans at attractive prices and even trial option to match your specific requirements. So, whether you want to host on Windows or Linux, go ahead and opt for VPS.


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