How to Choose the Right Team Building Activities in Singapore

Team Building

Team building activities are essential for team bonding, team development and team motivation. But it’s not always easy to find the right team building event for your needs.

What activities should you choose for your team? When choosing team building activities, the first thing to consider is what you want to achieve. What are your goals? Do you want to increase team cohesion and trust among teammates? Are some of your employees disengaged or not performing well enough on their own tasks while they work with others? Or do you simply look for a fun way to spend time together as a team outside of work hours?

Here are a few things you should consider while choosing the right team building activity for your team.

Consider the time and budget

Start by considering the time and budget. How much time do you have to spend on these activities? What is your team’s budget for them?

If you want a one day team building activity event, keep in mind that it will likely cost more than if you only need an hour or two of team bonding work. If your company has a small budget but still wants some sort of team activity, consider free group games such as charades or Pictionary at home instead.

Keep in mind how long the selected game (or any other planned activity) typically lasts: hours, days, weeks? Is this something everyone can commit to with their busy schedules outside of work? For example, someone who works  at home and manages team members can have a much different team building experience with an activity that only lasts for two hours than someone who works at the office all day.

What is your team’s area of strength? Do you need to improve on something specific, like leadership skills or conflict resolution? Does everyone agree on what type of game would  be fun? If you have team members who are introverts, consider games that encourage team participation but don’t require everyone to speak up.

Determine what your goals are

Before you start looking for team building activities in Singapore, it’s important to think about what your team goals are. Maybe you want everyone on the team to be more creative or collaborative with one another? You might need a team development activity that encourages group discussion and collaboration while giving people enough time to share their own ideas too.

Does it make sense to do this all at once or over multiple events throughout the year? What type of games would work best given these parameters? I think now you have a game in mind for your team. See what type of team building games are there for groups.

Use a professional facilitator

The team building activity you choose is important. You want to make sure the team-building game or event will actually work for what your team needs. If you need to organize team building events, then hire a professional facilitator or company. These professionals can help bring out the best in your employees by helping them work together and cohesively accomplish goals.

Take into account the skill level of your team members

If you want your team to have a successful event, it is important that the environment of said event matches their skill level. To do this, find an activity and atmosphere where they can feel appreciated for what they know. If there is a wide range in skills across all team members, then plan for that when choosing activities for your team. You might want to do some research on games or activities and see what would be appropriate for each individual’s skill while still being challenging.

Epic Workshop is well known in the event planning industry and offers expert team building activities in Singapore to help you optimize your work time. With our experienced staff, we can create customized events for any group size or budget with an aim of maximizing productivity while reducing stress levels by providing unique activities that are both engaging and fun!

Our hands-on approach will ensure that all of your employees enjoy themselves at the meeting without feeling like they’re stuck inside doing boring exercises when what they really want to do is get out into nature—or even better yet, just take a break from their day job altogether. We’ll listen closely so we know exactly which type of activity suits each participant’s needs best before making sure everyone has plenty of space during downtime between sessions, this way, they’ll be able to get the most out of team building on their own terms.


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