Can Dogs Have Cabbage

Can Dogs Have Cabbage

To add vitamin C to our diet, cabbage is a good option. Sometimes, our dogs also need vitamin C, especially when they suffer from skin issues. In such cases, you may wonder, Can dogs have cabbage?

Dogs can have cabbage in small quantities. In fact, it is going to be a healthy treat for them as it contains additional minerals too. Such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc. This veggie can help treat several diseases, like constipation, roemheld syndrome, etc.

If you want to include this healthy veggie in your dog’s diet, be certain of its safety concerns. Such as the way of cooking it, the right amount, etc.

Can Dogs Have Cabbage?

Dogs can enjoy the goodness of cabbage like we do. Its vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant properties can provide lots of health benefits to dogs.

Cabbage comes in varieties, like red cabbage and green cabbage. Fortunately, both cabbages are safe for dogs to eat if you offer them after cooking. Well, red cabbage is more nutritious, so you may consider giving it to your dog.

How Much Cabbage Can Dogs Have?

Cabbage can offer nutritional benefits to dogs when they take it in the right quantity. However, the portion of cabbage depends on the dog’s size and health.

For example, you can first offer the slightest piece of cabbage to your dog. If he gulps it without giving any reaction, maybe he is fine eating it. Then you can offer some extra pieces of cabbage. This is how you can know whether you should offer cabbage to your canine friend or not.

Can Dogs Have Cabbage

An extra-small dog should not have more than 20 pounds of cabbage, and a small dog should not have more than 30 pounds. Again, a medium dog shall not have more than 50 pounds of cabbage, and a large dog shall not have more than 90 pounds. Lastly, an extra-large dog can easily eat 100 pounds of cabbage.

How To Feed Cabbage To Dogs?

Do not feed raw cabbage to your dog, as it’s prone to bacteria. So make sure you serve it to him after cooking.

Firstly, you must wash the cabbage thoroughly and remove its core and stem. Then chop it into small pieces and boil or steam those pieces. The size of the pieces should be bite-sized so that your paw friend doesn’t find any choking hazards. Then he takes those pieces out after cooking and serves them with his regular meal.

Benefits Of Having Cabbage For Dogs

Cabbage is rich in vitamin C and has few amounts of vitamin B6, magnesium, protein, iron, and potassium. Vitamin C will aid in wound healing, protect cells from free radicals, and promote a healthy digestion and immune system.

The protein will do some good for your dog’s muscle health, and the iron will promote growth and development. Again, magnesium will maintain the blood sugar level, and potassium will help with the nervous system.

Note: Your dog will receive the above benefits from consuming cabbage if you feed it in a moderate quantity and cook it.

Risks Of Having Cabbage For Dogs

Cabbage can be harmful for dogs when they eat it too much. Sometimes, we see dogs get excited about the texture and crispiness of cabbage. That’s why they eat it in larger quantities. This can cause him to bloat and increase gas production in his stomach. If your dog already has bloat in his stomach, don’t offer him cabbage.

Again, the fibre content in cabbage can lead to diarrhoea and stomach upset in dogs when they have more than required. Usually, vets recommend feeding cabbage to dogs when they have constipation. It is because cabbage softens the stool. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, cabbage can be bad for him as it promotes bowel movement.

When Can Dogs Have Cabbage?

Dogs’ food and people’s food are not the same, and some dogs can’t withstand people’s food. Since cabbage falls into the category of people’s food, there is no surety that your dog is going to like it. Hence, you must test offering a tiny amount of cabbage to your dog first.

Can Dogs Have Cabbage

However, cabbage can be a healthy treat for dogs who are suffering from health issues. For instance, if your dog has skin issues, you may serve him a small amount of cabbage, as it has vitamin C. You can also offer it to him when he is having constipation. It is because the fibre content of cabbage can regulate his bowel movement.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Cabbage?

Can dogs have cabbage with cucumber?

Both cucumber and cabbage are safe for dogs in small quantities. You may add some little pieces of these veggies to your dog’s diet and expect some health benefits.

Can dogs have raw or cooked cabbage?

Dogs can have both raw and cooked cabbage, but cooked cabbage is better. Raw cabbage can have bacteria and is hard to digest. If your dog does not have digestive issues, you may serve him tiny pieces of raw cabbage in small amounts.

Can dogs have cabbage every day?

Cabbage is people’s food, and dogs should eat people’s food in moderation. However, they can’t have the same people’s food, like cabbage, every day.

What is better for dogs: carrots or cabbage?

Both cabbage and carrots are safe foods for dogs, but carrots are safer. Cabbage can sometimes cause flatulence, whereas carrots have no adverse effects on dogs, even if they eat them raw.

Final Thoughts

After knowing some potential risks of cabbage, you may wonder, Can dogs have cabbage? Well, cabbage can be a fine treat for dogs if you cook it and add no ingredients. Besides, you need to make sure about the quantity. Because eating too much cabbage can lead to vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhoea.

If your dog ever eats cabbage more than necessary, let him vomit first. Let him poop too, if he is doing it. Then your dog must rest and eat some white rice after a few hours. You can consult with your vet too. He will prescribe medications that can help him recover.


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