7 Ways To Make Your Home Greener

Make Your Home Greener

Today, many people want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. This type of ideology isn’t new, but there are more people than ever interested in doing their part to help the environment. But this goes beyond how people shop, how they get to work, and the products they use, and also extends into their homes.- Make Your Home Greener

Many people want to find ways to make their home a greener place, and thankfully, this is quite easy to do. Without any further ado, let’s go over a couple of amazing ways to make your home a greener and more eco-friendly place to live.

Decorate Sustainably

First of all, if you want to make your space greener, it is a good idea to decorate it sustainably. A great way to do this is to order flowers or plants to decorate your home with. These don’t harm the environment, don’t have a complex and wasteful process to create them, and they can look stunning in just about every room in your home.

In addition to things like plants looking good, many of them can also help purify the air in your space, too. Of course, there are many other ways that you can decorate your home with sustainability in mind, too.

You can buy used, reuse and recycle your own items, purchase things made with sustainable materials, and even create your own decor by hand.

Use LED Bulbs Throughout the Home

Every home has dozens of light bulbs throughout it, each which use electricity every second that they are on. Having your lights on all day and night can lead to a lot of electricity usage, which isn’t great for the environment, or your pocketbook. A great way to cut down the costs and help the environment at the same time is to use LED bulbs.

These types of bulbs are easy to find, use much less electricity than traditional bulbs, and can lead to a ton of energy savings. In addition to using LED bulbs, make an effort to turn off your lights when you don’t need them on, and make sure to always turn them off when leaving a room, so you don’t forget about them later on.

Install New Appliances

Bringing in some new appliances into your home can also help it become a greener place. Many traditional appliances use a lot more energy, water, and electricity than they need. This can include your dishwasher, oven, washing machine, dryer, and others. If you want to cut back on the waste, why not get some new energy-efficiency appliances installed?

Sure, these brand new and efficient appliances may come with relatively high upfront costs, but will pay for themselves over time with the amount you will save. In addition to saving you money and helping the environment, many of these appliances may also work better, be quieter, and look better.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

Keeping a clean home can feel great, and many of us have a quality house cleaning schedule to make sure our space is always looking good. However, many of the products you use might be doing more harm than good. 

Plenty of them contain harmful chemicals and other ingredients that you really shouldn’t be spraying or wiping all over the surfaces of your home. As a result, make sure you are using cleaning products that are eco-friendly, and are free from those harsh chemicals often seen in traditional products. If you are up for it, you can even create your own homemade products.

Deal With Any Cracks, Holes or Leaks in the Walls

This is an underrated tip, but one that is very important. Using your furnace or air conditioner more than you need can be incredibly wasteful, as they can use a lot of energy or electricity to run. One of the main reasons why these systems end up running for longer than they should is because of drafts entering your home.

For example, if it is cold outside, your HVAC system will work to keep your home warm. But if you have cracks or leaks in the wall, this lets in cool air. As a result, your system needs to work harder and longer to keep it warm. 

Do your best to find and fill in these gaps and leaks, and you will quickly notice that the better seal allows your HVAC system to run more efficiently.

Add a Programmable Thermostat

Making your home smarter can be another wonderful way to help it be a more eco-friendly place. And one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add a little more intelligence into your home is to use a programmable thermostat.

These are very easy to find and can be set up incredibly easily, and give you a ton more control over the temperature in your home. They allow you to pre-set the temperatures you want your home to be at specific times, so the system can turn itself off and on as you wish. Some can even learn your preferences over time and handle things automatically.

With these installed in your home, you never need to worry about wasting money by forgetting to turn off your system, and this device can ensure that your home is exactly the right temperature.

Ensure Your HVAC System is Working as Efficiently as Possible

The HVAC system within our homes is certainly one of the most important parts of it. It helps keep us cool when it’s warm outside, and keeps up toasty and comfortable during the cold winter months.

However, the improper or ineffective use of an HVAC system can not only be awful for the environment and your own indoor air quality, but it can also be very expensive. As a result, you should take time to ensure that your system is efficient.

You need to change your filters often, have a professional come out to inspect your unit, and ensure your ducts are clean, clear, and not being blocked by things like furniture. Any sort of blockage or other inefficiency can lead your system to run much more often than it should, which can be bad for the environment, and lead to much more wear and tear on your system.

In conclusion, we hope that this guide has been able to help you learn some wonderful ways to make your home as green as possible.


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