The Top Tools For Your Electrical Needs


Any homeowner or individual with a knack for electrical work knows that the job becomes challenging without the appropriate tool set. After all, you cannot use your bare hands and fingers to meddle and work around electrical systems and components, albeit there are some exceptions to this aspect. 

You might also be on the lookout for the top best items and equipment that can ease your workload. You can get these items from your local outlet or from an electrical supply store online.

Tape Measure

Whether you are beginning with electrical work or a veteran in the field does not matter. You will require a tape measure for almost all of your tasks, and it is a must for measuring any outlet measurement and other elements. 

You also need it to calculate the height for attachments and fixture placements. A tape measure is one of the best tools you can get out there, and it is lightweight, and easy to store and transport. Plus, you can get your hands on one for less than twenty dollars.


You cannot work around electrical tasks without a testing unit. It is imperative that you check for voltage and current. How do you do it? 

With a Multimeter, of course. A Multimeter is a handheld item that allows you to measure voltages, resistance and current in an electrical circuit. Such a neat item also will enable you to locate any power fluctuation due to faulty wiring.

Some multimeter units do not cost you a lot of money. But there are alternatives that demand a lot of cash for a top-notch electrician. Of course, that higher expense does not only cover aesthetics. These high-end meter units have additional perks and functions that standard ones do not.

Wire Stripper

There are instances where you will need to strip and cut off insulation covering the wires. The best tool for that is a wire stripper. Such an item allows you to remove any insulation with ease and efficiency. A quality wire stripper will clean the job almost every time you use it. Some varieties have several cutting teeth and cutoff portions. Like the tape measure, you can get a quality one for less than twenty bucks.

Fish Tape

No, it is not tape that comes out of an actual fish. A fish tape is an electrical tool that works best for routing through walls, metal, and PVC conduits. These items vary in terms of length, and they also do not cost an arm and leg to purchase.

Non-Contact Voltage Detector

Working on electrical systems demands caution and safety checks. That is where a non-contact voltage detector comes in handy. You will have to see whether an outlet has live current or not, and you can do so with this item. Some variations are automatic, meaning all you have to do is place it for it to work. Others have a switch that you will have to manually turn each time you use the tool.


A flashlight also comes in handy for electrical work. You will use it during blackouts or during power outages where visibility is on a low. You should also use one as you reach through into an electrical panel. It allows you to see and avoid any components that might cause you a shock. The neat thing is that there are thousands and thousands of flashlights out in the market. All it takes is for you to pick one that fits the bill.


Precision is a must for electrical work. A level lets you achieve just that. Such a device allows you to have accurate readings as well as leveling plates, covers, and switches.


You can have tons of items in your set, but it is never complete with a pair of pliers. Like most items on this list, the types of pliers are numerous. 

It will depend on what kind of job you are dealing with in the first place. Some variations work splendidly for wire trimming, and other units work best for wire cutting. 

There are also all-in-one pliers that can do almost all of these. What’s more, is that a lot of the more durable pliers can even substitute for a hammer. Talk about versatility!

Wire Crimper

Some faulty wire connections can cause a lot of trouble. They might even lead to an accident or two. What you can do to repair a faulty wire connection is a wire crimper. Not only will these items repair faulty circuit connections. They will also guarantee that those connections last longer, thanks to the sealing the crimper creates.


A pair of screwdrivers is one of the best items in your tool set. Like pliers, some items have a dedicated function. In addition, you can peruse the market for screwdrivers with special features, such as magnetic tips, removable screws, precision work, and so much more.

When Buying Second hand

Perhaps you are on a budget and wish to spend as little as you can on electrical tools. You have the option to get your hands on second-hand alternatives. 

They come in way less than their brand-new and the factory counterparts. You will even save more when you purchase a bundle set.

However, you must check for any flaws with the items. You have to do so, especially for the testers and voltage checkers. These items must have little to no flaws. After all, you do not want to utilize a damaged tester as you work. 

It can lead to wrong calculations and cause more damage later. So get in touch with a seller and ask all you can before you purchase. It pays to be safe than sorry at a later time.

To Finish Things Off

There might be other electrical work items and tools that we never got to mention. But these will do the job well for any amateur or professional job. But you must be careful as you use them to avoid accidents. You can even get in touch with an electrical company or specialist once things become too complicated for you.


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