Yamaha R6 price in Pakistan 2022

Yamaha R6 price in Pakistan 2022

Yamaha R6 price in Pakistan 2022 stands at PKR 1,962,094 (Ex-Showroom price). These figures are listed on Pakistan’s biggest vehicle price website, Driver. Pk, in February 2022. Its engine is upto 660cc. Its transmission mode is automatic. It has a great mileage of upto 13KM/L.

This article will look deeply into the bike’s features, history of development, price in Pakistan, and the International market.

Yamaha: International Bike Giant.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is a motorized product manufacturing company of Japanese origin. Its product line includes cars, motorcycles, heavy bikes, marine boats, and off-road vehicles. The company has started making crewless aerial vehicles recently.

The company has 109 consolidated subsidiaries operating all over Asia. It has won the world championship in motorcycle racing 39 times.

Yamaha: International Bike Giant.

Yamaha specializes in bike manufacturing. The company keeps developing and innovating its bike product line. That’s why it has invented many new types of bikes, like the mono-shock motocross bike water-cooled motocross bike.

Yamaha R6 price in Pakistan 2022

Yamaha is one of the most dominating firms in Pakistan’s motorbike and heavy bike market. It launches new bike models several times a year. These bikes are an all-time favorite of Pakistani people, especially youngsters.

It maintains and regularly updates the quality of its product. The unique feature of Yamaha vehicles is the prime reason behind its enormous customer base in our country.

Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan.

What’s so special about Yamaha Bikes?

There is more than one reason for sure if a brand is at the top. Yamaha never compromises user facility; it keeps adding new features to its bikes’ external and internal design. You can hear many bike owners lauding its design and maneuverability.

Its technology is as advanced as required for easy affordability and easy maintenance. According to users’ reviews, Yamaha is the best fun ride to purchase a recreational bike. Its engines are very lightweight and give a very stable performance. Their durability is as long as it promises.

Yamaha R6 or YZR-R6.

Yamaha has not launched its R6 model in Pakistan yet. It is currently available for sale only in European countries and USA. One obvious reason Yamaha is not launching R6 bikes in the Pakistani market is that a high tax rate applies to middle-weight bikes. High tax is the same reason behind its hefty price in Pakistan.

From Yamaha YZF-R6 to Yamaha YZR- R6.

Yamaha R6 is not the title of one bike; it is a whole series of sports bikes instead. Their first/ ancestral model, YZF-R6, came out in 1999. It was a 600cc bike and had a stock inline 4-cylinder engine. Yamaha updated the original version many times after the launch.

R6’s 2003 version came up first time with fuel-injecting technology. 2006 R6 had a unique and new feature of Multiple Slipper clutch and Wire Throttle, giving YCC-T Ride. Later, the 2009 version had an updated delta frame design and higher revs power. It incorporated YCC-I engine-length intake system.

2017 model of Yamaha R6 improved styling, upgraded ABS brakes, better front forks, new fuel tank, and better aerodynamics. The YZR-R6, the latest addition in the series, is phenomenal in design.

Yamaha R6 Design Features.

  • Ram-Air intake for improved breathing
  • Eyebrow-shaped LED DRLs.
  • Rearview mirrors have LED indicators.
  • Its dual projector feature is above the board.
  • Engine and the Radiator are entirely faired.
  • Its chiseled structure is the same as big Moto GP.
  • A raised rider seat flip: 5mm increase.
  • Maneuverability is remarkably easy and compact.
  • The engine has a compression ratio of 13:1;1
  • It comes with a final drive chain.
  • Fuel efficiency is better for its shape.
  • It features an enhanced Automatic Transmission with a 6-speed; Multiplate Slipper Clutch.

Yamaha R6 Color Range.

  1. Raven
  2. Matte Raven
  3. Vivid/ Bright Orange
  4. Team Yamaha Blue

Dimensions of Yamaha R6.

  • Its length amounts to 2040mm.
  • Its height is 1150mm.
  • Its width is 695mm.
  • Seat Height amounts to 850 mm.
  • The Kerb weighs about 190 Kg.
  • Its tank has a fuel capacity of 17 liters.
  • It has a large wheelbase of 1375mm.
  • Its Anti-Lock Braking system has 320mm front and 220mm rear discs.
  • The bike’s front and rear wheels come up with the size of 120mm each.
  • 43mm KYB supports the suspension duties.
  • The rear of the bike has a 4.7” travel mono-shock.
  • It has six gears.

Specifications of the Bike.

  • It has a liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder engine with 16 titanium valves.
  • The engine displacement is 599cc. It generates a power of 118.4bhp.
  • Its Ignition is Transistor-controlled.
  • Fuel injection delivery mode with YCC-T and YCC-I
  • 0mm X 42.5mm Bore X Stroke
  • Ride by Wire Yamaha Chip Control Throttle is sensitive to the smallest throttle input value. It calculates the ideal throttle valve opening value in no time. Hence, it is easier to serve the power accordingly.
  • Rider gets six modes of traction adjustment according to the road condition with its advanced Adjustable Traction Control System.
  • Yamaha R6 has more than one driving mode to select from. There is a mode B with Standard Mode A. These modes allow the rider to select the engine response characteristics by pushing a button.
  • It displays a semi-digital instrumental cluster with a digital MID information speedometer and an analog tachometer.
  • Its semi-digital system allows the rider to track the data like fuel economy, shift lights, reserve miles, traveled miles, rider aids indicators, TCS and D Modes, etc.
  • It has Double Trip Meters. Trip A calculates the fuel tank range, and Trip B calculates the distance of the whole ride.
  • The rider gets miles on the reserve fuel system.
  • Shift Lights are programmable.

Brakes structure of Yamaha R6.

Yamaha R6 has a potent engine. Big engines require powerful brakes. Thus, the bike displays a double-channel Anti-Lock Braking System. The big brakes help the rider stop the bike at the shortest distance.

Frame Structure of the Bike

Like the previous members of the series, it has a rigid Deltabox aluminum frame. This frame has a high rating for engine positioning and durability.

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Final Words

Yamaha R6 Price in Pakistan is not the official one because the parent company has not announced its launch. Whenever It makes its way to Pakistan, you can know its final and official price on this page. This was all about Yamaha R6 price in Pakistan 2022.


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