What to Know Before Creating an App Like Lulu – A Quick Overview (2023)


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The world is rapidly evolving and technologies are reaching new benchmarks, consumers are more dependent than ever before, in a good way. Think about it. You can get instant services nowadays. Order food through Talabat or go for a Careem ride and travel around Dubai.

Similarly, supermarkets hold a huge cultural value in the GCC. Going to the mall with the entire family and buying groceries was an entertainment sort of activity.

Times have changed and as we navigate in a digital landscape, even supermarkets like Lulu and Hyper Panda have dedicated apps for customers.

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In this blog, we will look at the Lulu app (Lulu Shopping) and will highlight the features. Learn and adapt what works into your next app.

What the Numbers Say

In a rapid-growing world, even supermarkets are embracing digital means and so far, the results have been extremely successful in terms of business. During the pandemic, customers had easy access to their go-to stores and apps were the perfect solution during such an uncertain time period.

Now, you can get in touch with a well-known app development company in Dubai and find an app that delivers the same experience as Lulu Shopping and even goes above in a lot of aspects.

Figures show us that app usage for grocery apps, in particular, has grown by 80%, which is a massive growth from almost zero percent. Now, there is an entire market for grocery delivery apps, and the developments and design surrounding it.

In terms of money, the growth cycle for grocery applications is exponential and we have seen a trajectory that fits in perfectly in a wider business picture.

What is Lulu?

Lulu hypermarket, as the name indicates, is a marketplace at heart for people to come and get their go-to grocery for the month. And at large, Lulu has expanded massively and is now a household name that includes much more than just groceries.

Lulu supermarkets are helping people around the world get their desired products, spanning multiple continents. Lulu has retail stores in the GCC, South Asia, South East Asia, Europe, US, and there are plans to move upwards to Turkey and other countries.

And wherever Lulu operates, users can sign-up on Lulu Shopping and navigate through quite easily, covering a wide range of products in the most minimal time. The UX/UI design is built to be interactive and immersive.

The detailed list of things you can find at Lulu would include:

  • Grocery
  • Clothing
  • Home appliances
  • Electronics (mobiles and laptops)
  • Bakery items

Features that Make Lulu Stand Out

The app for Lulu was designed keeping in mind how modern-day eCommerce sites work and exhibit traits for customers. The features included in the app are basic but perfectly designed and developed to meet user requirements.

1. Shopping made easy with wishlist and add-to-cart

As we said, Lulu followed eCommerce practices and included a wishlist option in their app so customers could scroll through and save an item for later. This way, customer retention keeps increasing and the feature helps customers remember what products they had to buy. Figure out how you can incorporate a similar feature and bring your own unique touch to it.

You could add reminders, a pop-up notification to let customers know what items are waiting on the wish list. And to buy a product instantly, a customer could tap on add-to-cart, get their items, and eventually check out seamlessly. Both options should be available.

2. Multiple payment gateways

Make things easy and make the app inclusive enough for a technologically advanced ecosystem. No one carries cash anymore and figures show us that over 64% of customers automatically assume there will be multiple digital payment channels when they are browsing a product online.

A lot of companies overlook this aspect and loss a huge chunk of revenue. Most sales proceed through online payments nowadays. In UAE and other parts of the Middle East, using cash is no longer the norm. Lulu realizes this and includes Google Pay, PayPal, Shop Pay, and different local payment options.

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3. Smart search option

It is easy to find the product you want without actually typing out the exact word for it. Finding any kind of product on Lulu Shopping is easy as the algorithm actively focuses on seeing consumer behaviour, and keeping track of it to provide better insights in a safe and privacy-secured way.

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The smart search coupled with the option to filter out products based on price, distance, and company, is also included.


There is a lot more that goes into the development process of an app like Lulu and the features we mentioned are the core highlights. Research and see where your upcoming app idea stands and what you can learn from here.


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