Best Places to Submit Invention Ideas

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The process to submit your invention idea to a company or organization is very straightforward. Once you’ve completed the application form, you will be contacted if they want to discuss your idea inventions further. Generally, you will hear back from the company within five business days. However, if the company doesn’t show any interest in your invention, you won’t receive any feedback. The process should take no more than 20 minutes, although it may take a bit longer if you’re submitting for the first time.

Idea inventions

If you’ve come up with an idea for a new product, one of the best place to submit invention ideas places to submit them is to a company that produces health care products, electronics, and office supplies. These companies are devoted to improving lives and doing business the right way. They are constantly seeking out innovative programs and initiatives to tackle global inequality and poverty. However, you should understand that submitting an idea to a large company automatically gives them the rights to the idea. Hence, it’s best to obtain an NDA before submitting your idea.

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InventHelp has been in the business for over 20 years and has helped hundreds of clients to turn their ideas into products. It has also partnered with major companies such as Walmart, Macy’s, and Amazon. You can submit your idea through their website, which offers a four-step application process. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, include a idea invention of the product and the target audience, and submit at least one photo of the product.

When submitting your idea, make sure that it is unique. Your idea must solve a real problem, fill a significant market gap, and be something that your target audience would want to buy. Otherwise, your chances of success are slim. For example, Google Glass is an example of an innovative product that successfully filled a market need.

Idea invention

If you have an idea for a product or service that improves the way people live, you should consider submitting it to a company that specializes in it. One such company is Spectrum Brands, which is based in Middleton, Wisconsin and was founded as a successor to Rayovac Corporation. As a Fortune 500 company, it focuses on new products and services. In addition to car care products, it also accepts ideas for consumer goods, pet care, and home and garden products.

Many companies do not accept ideas that do not have patents, so it’s important to check with the US Patent and Trademark Office to see if your idea has been already patented by someone else. When submitting your idea, be prepared to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Some companies might accept this, but not all of them will.

One company that welcomes submissions of new product ideas is 3M. 3M produces electronic products, office supplies, and health products. Their application process involves four steps, and the process only takes about an hour to complete. It’s possible to receive up to $500 for a successful submission, and it may also lead to licensing deals.

For sports related products, Jokari Home Solutions is another place to submit invention ideas. The company has a dedicated portal for inventors to submit their ideas. Jokari has been licensing products for decades and is actively seeking the next big idea in the housewares category. The company also offers a royalty payment program.

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If you have an invention idea and are looking for a place to submit it, consider applying at Allstar Innovations. They are an organization with over two decades of experience in the field and have launched many successful products. The company partners with Amazon, Walmart, and many other retailers to help their clients get their ideas to market. They accept product ideas in over 25 categories. The application process is simple and takes only about an hour to complete.

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Before submitting your idea, make sure you have a clear idea of what you are presenting. Ensure that the paper is well-written, and make sure the paper does not contain errors. It also helps to have a thorough literature review. After completing this step, make sure to include a broad summary of your paper’s implications.



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