Valley of Flowers Trek Tour

Valley of Flowers Trek

In the beautiful valley, in the enchanting landscape with bright flowers, I can hear my heartbeat, but my spirit is happy. Time seemed to stop for a while. Every long process in this complicated field is a feeling, a dream! The trip to the Valley of Flowers is more important than I thought. When I returned from the euphoria, I saw my partners expand their exciting perspectives.

Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of flowers trek Park is famous in India for its unique highland vegetation and vegetation open spaces. Located in the north of Chamoli, Uttarakhand, this luxurious and varied territory is home to a large number of rare and endangered species such as Asian wild bears, snow In addition, there are high-altitude birds such as Himalayas cormorants in this valley, covering an area of ​​87.50 square kilometers.


The exquisite scenery is surrounded by the strong wild mountains of Nanda Valley National Park to the east, at a normal altitude of 3,500 m. The area of ​​change between the Zanska Mountains and the Greater Himalayas encompasses an extraordinary area.

I woke up to my mother’s screams. It was a typical Sunday morning. After normal distribution, I use my phone for a web-based media account. When I browsed a typical post, my vision got an image of a rich green valley with bright flowers. In the process of digging deeper, I found a wonderful encounter during the ascent. This experience moved me so much that I thought I was only there briefly.

We took a taxi and went straight to Govindghat. When we arrived at Haridwar Railway Station, our first goal was to go to Flowers Valley. The 295-kilometer tour brings the intersection between Bhagirathi and Alaknanda waterways, Joshimath and the holy city Devprayag. They are similar to the sacred Ganges, posted here. About 10 to 11 hours later, we reached our goal in a beautiful scene enhanced by the magnificent Pinnacles.

The sun set when we arrived, and the cool breeze in the afternoon shook our spine. We are a very comfortable place to rest at night. After a light meal in the nearest café, we left this street for a long time and returned to our warm bed.


We have seen the bright prospect of the orange-red sun, lighting the luxurious green peaks in red. The scenery is so inviting that the magnificent scenery is serene and pleasant. Once we started to clarify our ideas again, we started to walk around Huagu. We buckled up and continued to make it up the trail after eating our usual breakfast nearby. The short trip to Pulna is 5 kilometers long.

Pulna to Ghangaria

When we reached Pulna, we stopped to slow down and rest. From here we say goodbye to the swept streets and sing a welcome melody from the steep slope. We will follow the Pushpavati River (Pushpavati River) along a ten kilometer uphill road to Gangharia (Gangharia). There are many restaurants on this trail, serving hot drinks, noodles, tortillas, bread, and palacas, most of them packaged. So you can constantly stimulate yourself.

We walked five kilometers through a unique clean stone path to reach the town of Bhyunda. We find here the ideal place to admire the impressive perspective of the magnificent Hathi Parvat. One scene to watch is the perspective beyond the incredible peaks of fluffy white mist. The scenery is beautiful and the climate is calm. Although the area is crowded, the tranquil atmosphere is mysterious.

The pleasant scenery left us stunned, as if we were in an extraordinary country. After liberating from the infinitely alluring perspective, we started the climb of Ghangaria. The steep slope was very difficult and exhausting, so we had to stop after a certain period of time. However, the wonderful perspective gives us an added boost and we continue to seek a more holistic perspective. After about 2 hours of fascinating climbing, we reach Ghangaria, which is 10,000 feet above sea level.

When we reach the faint young moon, the bright sun has replaced it. In a hotel near us we found a refuge. After eating a dinner, we tested the comfort of the sheets.

Ghangaria to Flower Valley

Birdsong and cold new air left no happiness. After enjoying a delicious breakfast, we agreed to start the second stage of the difficult tour to the beautiful Valley of Flowers. Leaving Ghangaria, we were warmly invited by the original jagged forest and green trees and shrubs.

Fort Laxman attracted our attention along the way. The magnificent sight is the strong water current and destruction hitting the rocks below the slope. Being happy with the excellence of the waterfall, we continued our tour. As we progressed, the emergence of forest control appeared before us. The amazing prospect of crossing the entire trail and this extra courage were reflected when we set off.


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