The Best Fantasy Movies Available on Netflix

fantasy movies

Netflix offers a wide range of fantasy options, from pure magic to touching allegories about the human condition. Netflix does not have a huge collection of fantasy movies, but there are many charming (and sometimes eclectic) gems. Many blend the fantastical and real-world problems, such as the Closet Monster. The Golden Compass is a fantasy novel based by Philip Pullman.

We hope you find something interesting below.

Our Top Picks

Here are the best picks that are worth watching:

Nightbooks (2021)

This dark fantasy, co-produced by Sam Raimi is infused with horror credentials. Nightbooks is still aimed at younger viewers and tell the story of a young boy who must solve a mystery to escape an apartment controlled by Krysten Ritter’s witch Natacha. It’s a tomb of laughter. Also, watch this movie on Cinema apk for the best viewing experience free of cost.

A Monster Calls (2016)

J.A., a Spanish director, has created this dark fantasy drama. Bayona has since expanded into other franchise chapters like Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom, and the first two episodes of Prime Video’s Lord of the Rings series. His best work, however, is his coming-of-age stories. A Monster Calls tells the story of a young boy who meets a tree and promises three stories. Connor will only tell one. A Monster Calls, a clever, moving fantasy tale, has darker roots, including death.

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Pan (2015)

The 2015 film explored the origins of Peter Pan and Captain Hook. It stars Garrett Hedlund as Hook and High Jackman portray Blackbeard, the pirate.

The Old Guard (2020).

The Old Guard is technically a superhero movie. It features a lot of action scenes that are reminiscent of the movies of Charlize Theron. Theron portrays Andy, the leader of an immortal band of mercenaries that includes a knight who fought during the Crusades. The centuries-old warriors set out on a revenge mission. They bring progressive heroes and smooth fights, but it can’t avoid every cliché.

The Water Man (2020).

The Water Man is not for everyone. This family-friendly adventure is more drama than fantasy and deals with themes like grief, loss, friendship, and love. Gunner, eleven years old, and his family move to a new place. The gunner must contend with not only a lack of friends but also a strict father and a leukemia-stricken mother. His escape takes him to a fairytale forest where his imagination is alive. A story about bigger issues. Watch this movie on the Cyberflix apk absolutely free.

Big Fish (2003)

You are about to be treated to a wonderful tale that may or not be true. Will Bloom (Billy Crudup), visits his dying father to hear his incredible, unbelievable stories. The Tim Burton-directed, the sprawling adventure takes us back in time to Edward Bloom (Ewan McGregor), where we can see his stories unfold for ourselves. Big Fish is a charming prize catch, featuring bank robberies and a circus.

Errementari (2017)

We move on to Halloween from Christmas: Errementari (Spanish translation of The Blacksmith) is a horror story about a deal made with the devil. A blacksmith in northern Spain holds a demon captive until an orphan girl frees it. This happened during the 1830s. In this furnace of hellish horror, you will find war, murder, kidnapping, and suicide, as well as a surprising amount of dark comedy.


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