Tips for selling your used motorcycle online or offline for the best price

used motorcycle

The internet’s ease has only helped this business, which is currently flourishing for motorcycles and automobiles. Owning a two-wheeler increases the likelihood that you’ll want to sell it at some point. You may either go up to someone who is known for making good deals or you can go to particular merchants that specialize in buying and selling used motorcycle. In addition to this, the simplest option is to browse a number of internet marketplaces that may assist you in selling your bike for the greatest price. And if you choose the final alternative, reading this article will help you find out how much your used motorcycle is worth.

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1.The bike portfolio should be completed as follows:

According to the Indian saying “Jo dikhta hai, vo bikta hai,” being more flashy might help you obtain a better deal. Call your photographer friend since you’ll need at least five or six high-quality shots of your bike. Make careful to clean and polish it first to prevent doing the same. If at all possible, correct minor flaws and make it look as though the item has just left the showroom since there is no better method to convince a consumer than a stunning photograph.

2.Make sure the tires are in good condition, and replace them if necessary

Bald tires have a reduced overall cost. If you must choose between servicing the bike before sale and doing so, go with new tires. because while your incomplete service is not listed, your set of tires is. Strong tires often make a good first impression and will unquestionably help you negotiate the best price.

3.All old records of service should be collected:

A reduced overall cost is the effect of bald tires. If you have to choose between getting the bike serviced before the sale and doing so, go with new rubbers. due to the fact that while your set of wheels is visible, your incomplete service is not. The best price will surely be yours if you have nice tires, which often generate a positive impression.

4.It is possible to sell the mods separately:

The majority of buyers do not find any of the bike’s enhancements to be worthwhile. A 60K exhaust won’t help you sell the motorcycle for more money because not all buyers like customized bikes. After all the modifications are taken off, the bike should be kept in its original condition, and each individual part should then be sold.

5.Analyze the top websites for selling used motorcycles

Nowadays, there are a few websites that can help you rapidly locate the best price for your bike. Some of these websites have been online for 8 to 10 years and receive a significant amount of traffic. If a website obtains more traffic, its chances of obtaining the most views increase. Make a list of the most popular websites and ensure that you post the free advertisement on at least three of them. Additionally, you might try improving the ads to maximize your online selling potential.

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6.You can make your ad stand out by doing the following:

Now that you’ve finished the portfolio, fixed up your bike, and acquired all the required paperwork, it’s time to submit the best online advertisement. You already have high-quality photographs, which increases the likelihood that your advertisement will get the most views, but that is inadequate. Make sure the headline of your commercial is brief, catchy, and compelling.

7.Choosing intelligent pricing is important:

The pricing point is the most important consideration when dealing with used motorcycles or autos. So, what exactly is intelligent pricing and how does it work?

  • Conduct a survey of the same bike model as yours that has been advertised on several used motorcycle websites.
  • Choose a little higher but respectable price and indicate ‘negotiable’ in the advertisement’s title.
  • Because you marked the ad as negotiable, you will attract more possible buyers.

8. Boost the advertisement by using social media:

Social media is the best online location for promoting your used motorcycle ad. Make a good video, then upload it to your YouTube channel. If you have a significant Facebook friend list, you can prepare a range of promotional posts. You may also join many Facebook “Buy and Sell” groups and pages, which might help you get the best deal.


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