Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Here we are going to discuss Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery. Fans are accusing Nicole Kidman of plastic surgery after her last Instagram post on Wednesday. She uploaded a smiley snap with the director Lulu Wang on the set of “Expats,” her new Amazon series. But, according to netizens, Something was wrong with her face: Her porcelain skin looked tight, puffy, and wrinkle-free. Hence, the same happened as expected_ fans assumed that a middle-aged actress must have undergone plastic surgery to maintain her youthful looks.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery: Fans’ Reaction

Most of the devout fans of the 54-year-old Oscar-winning actress were not happy with her new looks. Some of these comments clarify the situation:” What did you do with your face ?!?!?! You are starting to get like a monster; It’s sad cuz you were beautiful.” Another one commented:” You don’t look like you, Nicole.” Someone else chimed in:” Something is wrong with your face.”

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery: Fans' Reaction

Nicole Kidman’s plastic surgery rumors caught fire when the dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Dara Liotta told The New York Post that she also believes that Nicole has gone under the knife_ or has taken the help of some “serious” Facetune.” However, Dr.Liotta didn’t perform her surgery.

Dr. Liotta came up with a diagram to verify Kidman’s surgery.

“There is little doubt that these photos make it look like she’s had facelift and neck lift surgery,” Dr. Liotta, who owns a clinic on the Upper East Side, said, providing a diagram to illustrate her expert opinion.

“You can tell by the direction that the deeper facial structures have been pulled and lifted up (yellow arrows) — most evident at the tail of the brow and the corner of the mouth,” Dr. Liotta explained. “The jawline — no jowls! — and neck look tighter- and much more youthful than is possible without surgery or some serious Facetune (blue lines). The photo with the red lines shows the location of face and neck lift scars, and you can see that the area just in front of this incision line look flat. This is classic in early facelift healing, a year and less.”

But, another certified plastic surgeon says that Nicole may be innocent!

Amidst Kidman’s alleged plastic surgery rumors, New York-based, Award-winning plastic surgeon Dr.David Shafer thinks that there is often more than what is visible. Here’s what he thinks:

But, another certified plastic surgeon says that Nicole may be innocent!

“When people appear different, everyone’s first curiosity is if they had plastic surgery. However, other considerations must also be made — especially with the universal use of filters on social media,” Dr. Shafer said. “What someone looks like in a static picture online can be completely different from how they look in person or real life.”

However, Dr.Shafer, who practices on Fifth Avenue, did not rule out the possibility that Nicole Kidman underwent plastic surgery. Moreover, he explained that the process of plastic surgery includes a variety of procedures, like Facelifts, Botox, Fillers, Liposuction, etc. Only the “bad jobs” give you an unnatural, plastic look.

“In the picture, Nicole has a youthful glow and smooth skin,” he said. “This could be filters, Botox, or dermal fillers such as Juvederm to help smooth wrinkles and replace lost volume in her cheeks. She certainly has access to the best skincare and aestheticians.”

But, Dr.Rowe thinks that Kidman had a facelift.

Another Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr.Norman Rowe somewhat confirmed Nicole Kidman’s plastic surgery speculation in these words:

“She looks like she has had a facelift in the past,

But, Dr.Rowe thinks that Kidman had a facelift.

“If it was a year or more ago, she may have a more recent change in her appearance getting laser, Botox and filler treatments to the face, as even a facelift needs to be maintained,” he added. “Her changed appearance in her Instagram photo is due to her continuously maintaining her already previous procedures. As one continues to get laser, Botox or filler in conjunction with a facelift, the appearance can tend to alter slightly over time.”

However, he said that it’s hard to determine if the job is recent or not. In addition, he said that it is an equal possibility that Kidman did not have any surgery, and it is just a time-induced perception.

“With celebrities, we get used to how they looked at their height of fame or their most memorable scene in a movie, but celebrities age just like the rest of us and change over time,” he said.

So, did Nicole Kidman have plastic surgery?

While talking to Marie Claire, the legendary actress has denied any work on her face, insisting that her beauty results from her healthy habits and vigorous skincare routine.”To be honest, I am completely natural. I have nothing in my face or anything. I wear sunscreen, and I don’t smoke. I take care of myself. And I’m very proud to say that.” On the other hand, she revealed to a German magazine TV Movie that she tried Botox once_ but stopped soon.

I didn’t particularly appreciate how my face looked afterward”, she continued. ”Now I don’t use it anymore_ I can move my forehead again.”

Dr.Samir Pancholi’s stance on Kidman’s Surgery

However, dual-certified Las Vegas cosmetic surgeon Dr.Samir Pancholi thinks Kidman owes her youthful looks to botox and fillers.

“Nicole naturally has high cheekbones. However, they do appear plumper and less defined than they have in recent years,” Pancholi told The List. “This is likely the result of repeated Botox treatments, as regular neurotoxin injections can cause facial muscles to soften over time. The smoothness and elasticity of her skin are superb and there is a fullness of her mid-face area which indicates the use of filler.”

Another certified plastic surgeon backs Pancholi’s view, saying:

” Her jawline is so tight, and you can really outline her neck muscles. She also has a tell-tale shadow and crease in front of her ear that looks surgical to me.”

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Final Words

Did Nicole Kidman have plastic surgery? Looking at all the arguments above put forward by different plastic surgeons, It seems that the Aquaman actress had gone through some treatment, if not full-scale plastic surgery.


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