Kai Knapp Bio Family

Kai Knapp Bio Family

Kai Knapp is one of those children who come under the spotlight from the moment they are born. She is the daughter of actor Ryan Phillipe and Pitch Perfect Star Alexis Knapp. She was the love child of both the actors and was born due to their short-lived affair back in 2010. Kai’s real name is Kailani Merizalde Knapp.

Everyone who has watched the movie Pitch Perfect religiously’ must know who Kai Knapp is. Her Parents, Alexis and Ryan, met in the summer of 2010. They dated shortly and planned to split up in September of 2010; This was the time when Alexis realized that she was pregnant. This news was a huge surprise for a couple as they were never ready for any family plans.

Kai’s mother, Alexa Knapp, did not want to conceive a child before marrying someone. Marriage was also not on her priority list so far. Therefore, she tried to give Kai for adoption after deciding not to undergo an abortion. Ryan Phillipe was busy in his career during Alexis’s pregnancy period. The couple could not be seen together for long. Pregnant Alexis was left alone to raise the child. However, Ryan was present during Kai’s birth.

How old is Kai Knapp

Kai was born in Los Angeles, California, on July 1, 2011. As of now, she is 10 years old. Kai’s mother, Alexis, has revealed that Kai’s birth was unplanned. Kai has lived her whole childhood with her mother. Her father visits her, and they both hang out occasionally. Kai does not have any biological siblings but has half ones from her father’s previous marriage with Reese Witherspoon in the year 1999.

How old is Kai Knapp

Kai’s elder sister is Ava Phillipe, and she has a half-brother named Deacon Reese Phillipe, born in 2003.

Kai Knapp’s school.

It is almost little to no information about Kai Knapp’s school, her grade, and other personal life details. Her mother, Alexa Knapp, likes to keep her and her daughter’s lives private. She shares adorable snaps with her daughter on her Instagram, and it looks like to Kai, her mother is the whole world. Alexa Knapp is an Instagram sensation, having 304K followers. Kai’s father, Ryan, has a decent following of 1.1 million either.

Kai Knapp's school.

Her father, Ryan Phillipe, faced many harassments and physical abuse charges by his former girlfriend, Paulina Slagter. Another one named Else Hewitt sued Ryan in court for harassment, for which he had to pay a fine and face restraining orders. Fortunately. Kai’s mother wasn’t the one who reported any one of them. So, it seems like the cause of their breakup was entirely personal.

Kai Knapp’s body measurements.

Kai Knapps stands 4 feet 3 inches tall, and her weight is approximately 30 kg or 66 lbs. These body metrics are perfect for a 10-year-old kid.

Has Kai Knapp ever appeared as a child actress?

The answer is no. It seems like Kai is only focused on her school life. However, time will tell whether she will follow in her mother’s footsteps and will make a debut as an actress or not.

Career and Professional life of Alexis Knapp

Alexis Knapp is a popular actress, mostly known for her films Pitch Perfect and Percy Jackson. At the tender age of 18, she commuted to Los Angeles to start her career. Initially, Alexis worked as a model in the clothing and accessories industry. Then, she hosted an online game promotional show. The game was the famous one, ‘The World of Warcraft.

When Alexis started her movie career, she got side and cameo roles. The movies like Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson, and Couples Retreat are some of his beginning ventures.

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2012 was a golden year for young Alexis. She was offered leading roles in many movies and television series. She played Alexa in the famous movie Project X and Barden Bella in ‘Pitch Perfect,’ which gave her breakthrough success in her career. She also starred in the Pitch Perfect sequel that was released in 2017.

Currently, fans can see her as Samantha Logan in ‘My Christmas Prince,’ a romantic TV series.

The professional life of Ryan Phillipe.

Veteran actor Ryan Philipe started his acting career back in the 1990s. Phillipe’s debut role was that of Billy Douglas in the TV series ‘One Life to live.’ Although Ryan only starred for one year, the tv series gained huge popularity and his role. After One Life Live’s success, Ryan again reaped a huge reputation from the horror film ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer.’

There on, Ryan started receiving major roles offerings one by one. In the blockbuster Cruel Intentions, he starred with his future wife, Reese Witherspoon. Ryan gained a critical appreciation for his military man role in ‘Flags of our Father.’ He was very proud of this undertaking himself and said that he desired to go to war for his country like his forefathers.

Ryan’s supporting role in the movie Gosford Park promised him several awards and nominations for supporting role characters. His movie Cash also bagged his many other awards.

Kai Knapp’s parents’ net worth

Money is never a problem for children born to superstars. Regarding Kai’s parents’ annual income, her mother, Alexa, has approximately $5 million net worth in 2022.

Her father, Ryan Phillipe, is a superstar, and one can easily guess a huge figure on his part. So, he makes $30 million in one year.

Kai Knapp’s Social Media.

Kai has no social media account; still, there are many of her pictures and videos around the internet as her mother posts them regularly. Kai is a naughty and lively girl, and fans often see her pranking and making funny faces. The way this little girl composes herself in front of the camera and her entertaining tendencies tell that she is the upcoming star.

Final Words

Kai Knapp can’t help the fame she has tapped in since her birth. Even if she chooses a career that is way distant from entertainment, she has to evade the paparazzi’s attention forever.


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