Improving Arthritis Pain Symptoms with Medical Marijuana in NOLA


Treatments for arthritis pain are either expensive, invasive, or short-term. That’s why medical marijuana has become a more popular choice for arthritis patients. In fact, you can get a medical marijuana card in NOLA if you are suffering from arthritis pain and qualify for MMJ treatment.

How Patients with Arthritis in New Orleans Cope with Pain

There are different ways to treat arthritis, mainly depending on its severity and your preference.

For instance, you may cope with arthritis pain by taking a rest and avoiding heavy-duty work for a given time. You can also apply hot and cold compresses in areas where you feel arthritis pain. 

Furthermore, exercising can also be an option to treat your arthritis and reduce the pain you feel.

However, there are instances where you’ll need significant medical attention, including joint protection, corrective surgery and medical marijuana.

What Does Arthritis Pain Feel Like?

While you may experience occasional joint pain, it could very well be arthritis if you’re experiencing it persistently. Different types of arthritis can have different types of pain. For instance, osteoarthritis can feel like a deep pain in your joints. 

If you feel like the sensation of pain gets worse throughout the day, then it could be osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis, on the other hand, can be unpredictable. There are cases where you feel like there’s a burning sensation in your joints. However, there are also times when you feel a deep throbbing pain in the same parts. Both of these pains, though, are excruciating for the patient.

What Are 5 Symptoms of Arthritis?

There are 5 telltale symptoms of arthritis, which include:

  •     Pain in your joints and muscles
  •     Muscle swelling
  •     Stiffness
  •     Tenderness
  •     Joint deformity

However, you need to remember that you don’t need to experience all these things to determine if you have arthritis. Experiencing two or three should encourage you to seek professional help from a doctor. 

As we said before, their recommendation may depend on the severity of your case. Doctors can recommend cannabis for patients with arthritis pains in NOLA.

How Does Medical Marijuana Help Arthritis from Hurting?

Medical marijuana is recommended by doctors to reduce the pain in your muscles and joints. MMJ (short for medical marijuana) has less severe properties than the more widely used opioids. 

Hence, it’s a safer treatment to prevent arthritis pain or, at the very least, reduce it. A study conducted by University of Toronto doctors found that 9 out of 10 respondents felt that cannabis helped relieve their arthritis pain. 

Four out of 10 respondents said that medical marijuana had reduced their reliance on other pain-relieving medications.

Hence, the treatment of medical marijuana for patients with arthritis pains in NOLA can be very effective in making your arthritis hurt less.

Does Medical Marijuana Help With Arthritis Inflammation?

Medical marijuana contains compounds that help relieve inflammation in your muscles and joints. 

Therefore, it’s safe to say that MMJ effectively reduces arthritis inflammation. In fact, cannabis doesn’t have the same risk of leaving you intoxicated after the treatment.

The Positive Effect of Cannabis on Arthritis Pain

Unlike other medical treatments, cannabis is neither short-term nor invasive in treatment. Therefore, medical marijuana is perfect for people who don’t want to resort to medical surgeries while getting rid of long-term arthritis pain.

Arthritis Pain Patient’s Guide to Medical Marijuana

Now that you’ve seen how cannabis can help you treat arthritis pain, how exactly do you use it?

Well, for starters, you need to get a doctor’s recommendation. After all, medical marijuana is not an over-the-counter drug that you can use anytime. If you want the benefits of MMJ, then you should seek a doctor’s recommendation first.

Afterward, you can choose how you will ingest your MMJ. You can either inhale, eat, or apply MMJ as a topical. You can ask your doctor for advice on the best mode of ingestion for medical marijuana.

Where To Get a Medical Marijuana Card in NOLA

If you’re looking for medical cannabis to deal with arthritis pains in NOLA, you can contact our TeleLeaf clinic in New Orleans. 

Our HIPAA-certified doctors can help you get a medical marijuana card if you suffer from arthritis pain.

Check out our TeleLeaf Clinic today to learn more about how we can help with your arthritis pain.


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