How to Choose Your Next Car Like a Smart Buyer?

How to Choose Your Next Car Like a Smart Buyer?
Besides being a valuable possession, cars are every family’s pride. So, how to choose your next car wisely? Selecting the right car isn’t easy and needs you to consider a lot of factors. Also, with a vast range of car manufacturers and brands offering a gargantuan car range. It becomes a difficult job to choose your car, owing to the availability of options. Every person has their preference when it comes to the car’s passenger capacity, fuel options, models, colours and more. Let’s simplify the procedure of choosing the right car through the following guideline.

Know How to Choose Your Next Car in a Simplified Manner

There are various easy ways of choosing your next car. Here are some of the best ways that make your procedure simpler.

Evaluate Your Requirements

The right car caters to your need and performs as per your expectation. But to choose the best car, you first have to evaluate what you want from it. Just like when buying the best portable tyre inflator, you take into account various factors. Similarly for buying your next car, you have to understand your needs. While some buy them to make a statement, others buy them to enjoy road trips. Here are some of the considerations that you must consider before making your next car purchase:
  • How many passengers do you want the car to accommodate?
  • What is your driving style and where do you drive mostly; off-roads, streets or highways?
  • Do you prioritize fuel economy because of the long commute that you take?
  • Are you interested in the all-wheel drive?
  • What are the features that the car must mandatorily have?
  • What are the important safety features that you expect from the car? Are you looking forward to a car that is equipped with automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, etc?
  • Would you need children’s car seats?
  • Would you consider towing someday?
  • What is your required parking and garage space?

Make a Rough Estimation

Unless you are ready to buy your car with cash, you might have to finance your car purchase. Understand your affordability of buying a car and allocate your budget accordingly. The rule of thumb is to check that your monthly car payment doesn’t go beyond 15% of your monthly income. Understanding your budget in advance will let you negotiate better for your next car purchase. Also. You can spare the remaining budget to buy car accessories online.

Look for the Top Cars Available for Sale in the Showrooms

The oldest method of car purchase is to visit various dealership stores either physically or virtually to check their inventory and find out what they have to offer. Once you can figure out what type of car you need, you can check their availability in different dealership stores easily. Filter your car search with various options like car capacity, car type, colour, features and more.

Choosing the Right Car Segment

The automotive industry in India offers a plethora of manufacturers providing a large range of cars, all differing from each other in features and prices. To prevent getting confused and overwhelmed, you can always narrow your search down to the car segment. There are three different car segmentation available in the Indian automobile market:
  • Hatchbacks
  • Sedans
  • MUV and SUVs

Understanding Hatchbacks

The hatchback car segment covers smaller bodyline cars unlike other segments. The most amazing feature of the Hatchback segment is its boot, the abundant space between the rear seats which is accessible by the hatch door. You can easily fold the seats in hatchback cars to make way for abundant storage room. The hatchbacks are perfect for city driving, given how you can manoeuvre them easily and take care of them without much hassle.


The sedan car segment offers longer body line cars designed with a 3-box configuration. The 3-box configuration consists of A, B and C pillars. Sedan cars come equipped with three primary component areas like boot, passenger and engine. Sedans come with individual boot space, unlike hatchbacks which are designed especially for luggage storage.

Multi-Utility Vehicles (MUVs)

The MUV car segment consists of vehicles that are confused as SUVs. The multi-utility vehicles can accommodate 5-7 people inside and are passenger cars’ bigger versions. One can expect comfortable passenger rides on highways and cities on MUVs. When compared to SUVs, the MUVs provide more fuel efficiency. MUVs are the best option if you are looking for fuel-efficient cars with excellent off-road potential and ruggedness.

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

The SUV car segment covers vehicles which are made with the combination of an off-roader car and passenger cars. The tall-bodyline SUVs ensure broader and better road view to their passengers and drivers both. The SUVs’ increased height renders a higher ground clearance. This feature is different from passenger cars. The SUV is equipped with abundant space which you can increase with through removable seating and little adaptability. Apart from all of these factors, you must also check into the offerings of the car. Look into a car’s fuel efficiency, weight, tyre performance and other such factors. This guide perfectly explains how to choose your next car without much hassle. Follow the hacks and guidelines and bring home the car that perfectly suits your family’s requirements. Also Read: The Drawbacks of Choosing a short company names


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