How to Choose Pet CBD

Choose Pet CBD

No pet owner loves it when their beloved furry friend is not in good health. As a result, we are willing to try all kinds of wellness products to ensure that our dog or cat is back on its feet. One of the wellness products that most folks have turned to recently is CBD (cannabidiol). Choose Pet CBD-

The benefits of this compound cannot be denied given the many reports and anecdotal evidence that abound. This link gives a detailed definition of what anecdotal evidence is. As a result of this, the market has grown over the years and there are so many CBD products in the market making all sorts of claims. Therefore, it becomes confusing and challenging for a pet parent to select the right product. 

Since these products are not the same, you should have an understanding of certain factors that should be found in a reliable cannabidiol product. This understanding will enable you to choose the right CBD for your dog or cat. Therefore, in this article, we will look at some questions you need to ask as you search for a pet cannabidiol product. 

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1. Was the Product Tested by a 3rd Party Laboratory to Choose Pet CBD?

Claims by a certain item to provide certain results cannot be ascertained to be true except the product was tested by a 3rd party laboratory. Hence, you should not choose cannabidiol goods that have not been tested by a 3rd party lab. 

Also, you should ask for a Certificate of Analysis from the manufacturer. This certificate is only presented upon request. Therefore, if you don’t ask for it, you won’t get i. 

2. Did an Accredited Institution or University Test the Product?

One of the signs of a reputable company is that they invest in clinical trials and research conducted by accredited institutions or university veterinarians. Therefore, you should find out if the manufactured goods you are considering went through a pharmacokinetic study and clinical trial. Visit to find out how clinical trials work. If it didn’t, then it means there is no guarantee if the product will work, or that it is safe. Also, one cannot be sure if the prescribed dose on the goods is indeed the right one. 

Therefore, you should ensure that the CBD product you choose has gone through the above tests. 

3. Did the Product Undergo a Safety Study?

As we mentioned earlier, a reputable company will invest in tests that will be performed by accredited institutions or universities. We also mentioned that one of the studies that you should look out for is a pharmacokinetic study. Why is this study important?

Well, a pharmacokinetic study defines how often you should use a product and at what dose. This study decides if a particular dose is right as well as safe for your cat or dog. Since the metabolism of cats and dogs are different, a particular dose that might be safe when taken by a canine might be unsafe for a feline.  

Therefore, when this safety study is carried out, you can rest assured that the dosage on the product will be both effective and safe. 


4. Does the Product Have Administration Instructions?

Although cannabidiol is a compound that occurs naturally, it doesn’t mean that you can give it to your pet at any time and any amount. Hence, it is vital to know the amount that will provide the desired result whereas a certain does might not work. Therefore, the instructions regarding how these products should be administered becomes all the more important. 

Hence, when you pick CBD goods, examine the label for clear-cut administration instructions regarding the amount you should give to your pet. 

5. How Knowledgeable is the Company’s Support Staff?

The relationship between a buyer and a manufacturer doesn’t end after the product has been purchased. In most cases, there is a need for further customer support. Considering the relative newness of these products, the manufacturer should expect questions from their customers.

Therefore, you should find out if the manufacturer can be contacted easily. Does their website have an FAQ section? Check this CBD for pets website to discover what kind of questions should be on the FAQ section of a manufacturer website. Do they have an available phone number? Is the staff knowledgeable enough to provide you with the answers to your questions? These are the questions you need to ask before you make a choice. 

6. Is the Product Recommended by Veterinarians?

Although there isn’t a widespread recommendation of CBD by veterinarians, however, some vets do sell and even recommend certain cannabidiol goods. Such goods are regarded as safe and of high quality because they have been scrutinized by the veterinary community. Therefore, you should look for these kinds of goods that are carried, recommended, or even used by the vets on their cats and dogs.

We recommend that before administering any manufactured goods to your dog or cat that you consult your veterinarian. They will be in the right positions to advise you regarding the side-effects of such goods if there are any. While such consultation is recommended for all pets, it is mandatory for those on prescribed medications. 

Apart from checking if the product is recommended by vets, you should find out if the company provides support to pet owners and veterinarians. 


No pet owner loves to see their beloved companion suffer. This is why we are ready to do all we can to provide them relief when they are in pain. CBD can be used for this purpose which is why you should ensure that the item you select is safe for your cat and dog.

In the article above, we have discussed certain questions you should consider that will ensure your choose the right CBD for your pet.   


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